Forsyth County Democratic Women resume monthly meetings

The Honorable Judge Denise Hartsfield speaks at the monthly meeting of Democratic Women of Forsyth County.

Forsyth County Democratic Women resume monthly meetings
March 09
14:11 2022

The Forsyth County Democratic Women met on Dec. 10 to reactivate the group after being sidelined for many months by the pandemic. Democratic Women are now meeting monthly via Zoom and in-person for members who are fully vaccinated. Following CDC guidelines, masks are also required.

Recently retired District Judge Denise Hartsfield was the keynote speaker. She addressed the importance of several “Bs”: believe, belong, beware, bring up! We were encouraged and motivated to believe in what we stand for and represent; belong to associations that profess the values we promote; beware of infiltrators and those who would twist what we say; and bring up someone by establishing relationships and nurturing someone.

Several prominent women were recognized as Women of the Year: Judge Denise Hartsfield, Rep. Evelyn Terry, and Democratic Women President Carol Cardwell. These women have been activists in their own right. Plaques of appreciation were given to each of them.

The membership discussed action plans, all of which involve “reaching out and touching” people in different ways. As Democrats, we believe in diversity, inclusivity, and community service. We are committed to being more visible in the community.

One project of Democratic Women was the collection of hats, gloves, and socks to donate to the students at Cook Literacy Magnet School. Enough items were donated so that each student received at least one item.

At the January monthly meeting, committees were formed to ”reach out and touch” by: writing postcards to encourage people to vote; canvassing neighborhoods; and, developing pamphlets to share voting rights and information.

At the February meeting, a school supplies drive was planned for March 5 with a drive-through drop-off for donations at the Democratic Party headquarters. Items requested for Carver High School were: spiral-bound notebooks, loose leaf paper, individual snack items such as bottled water, nabs, chips, granola bars, fruit bars, and individual containers of mac & cheese. Items requested for Parkland High School were: deodorant (boys and girls), toothpaste, toothbrushes, washcloths, socks, and individual snack items. Items requested for Philo-Hill were: feminine hygiene items (pads only), clothes (boys and girls, all sizes, may be gently used), non-perishable food items (take home), and belts (boys).

The next meeting will be held on March 18 in person at the Democratic Headquarters or via Zoom.

The Forsyth County Democratic Women auxiliary was founded in August 1960 with the mission “to encourage all Democratic women to participate in the work of their Party as a public service, and in the belief that the political party system strengthens our nation’s great representative form of government.” The auxiliary welcomes women of all ages who are registered as Democrats. For more information, email

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