The Legislature’s Numbers Game

The Legislature’s Numbers Game
February 06
00:00 2013

It’s sometimes hard to distinguish these days the difference between the governing body of the state of North Carolina and one of the mafia families of New York City. After all, North Carolina runs the liquor business and the numbers game. The only thing left for the state to qualify as a legitimate mob family is prostitution. We figure as soon as they lose the last vestiges of morality, prostitution will be added to the list of vices they control.

According to the Associated Press, the state Legislature is discussing forbidding people on food stamps from playing the lottery. It’s hard to understand their rationale since most black people have been playing the numbers long before there ever was a NC Education Lottery. And, by the way, the so-called education lottery is finally being seen for the scam that it is.

What does the legislature hope to gain by this prohibition? Are they really concerned about the health and welfare of North Carolina’s poor? Come on! A scam by any name is a scam! They are espousing a philosophy that poor blacks cannot manage what the “good folks” of this state are giving them. So, therefore the state needs to take that privilege or right away from them for their own sake.

The NC Education Lottery never was intended to boost revenue for education and our schools. It is being used as planned and that is to make cuts in education without going completely broke. We the people don’t really know what they’re doing with the money. All we know is that it is hard as hell to get a winning number and that’s because North Carolina’s game is set so tight that it becomes virtually impossible to pick the right number.

We have a lottery today basically because legislators saw North Carolinians going to Virginia and South Carolina to play the lottery and they wanted some of that money. Now they got it and don’t know what to do with it. People were eager to go to Virginia and South Carolina because they stood a ghost of a chance of hitting the number. Not so here in North Carolina.

Let’s be absolutely clear. The state could care less about its poor and indigent community. The vast majority of the money being made off the backs of the poor goes to the rich, privileged and families with wealth that goes back to the days of slavery. Shouldn’t we do something about poor smokers and alcoholics? What about obese poor folk on food stamps? Can’t leave them out of regulating the lives of the less fortunate, can we?

Watch out for what the legislature is really up to.

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