Two churches – one mission

Two churches – one mission
September 23
14:12 2020

Two churches with one mission: to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and minister to the brokenhearted. 

This will be Whole Man Ministries’ fifth Community Drive-Thru Feeding. But this time they will have accompanying them a partnering church to cover more ground and feed more families. Dr. Steve Corts, pastor of Center Grove Church, has joined Bishop Barry Washington of Whole Man Ministries to provide food, facemasks, toys, and household goods to those who need it most on Sept. 26 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., located on the campus of Whole Man Ministries Church, 3916 Old Lexington Road.  

“God has called us to greater works in this hour,” said Bishop Washington. “I was grateful to receive the call from Dr. Corts regarding this partnership. He, like myself, has seen the unusual circumstances facing families today and wanted to do something to help. Whole Man Ministries Church, a predominantly Black church, and Center Grove Church, a predominantly white church, coming together to serve the community is exactly what the community needs.

“Whole Man Ministries has always been about pushing the envelope for Jesus. We are committed to working with our white brothers and sisters to do this great work, for we understand what it means when we say, “We are better together,” especially in these racially divisive times,” said Pastor Camilla Washington.

“Whole Man Ministries is committed to our community, as well as doing our best to change the climate of our great community,” said Bishop Washington. “Center Grove has committed their finances and sweat equity to partner with us to do this great work. Center Grove, led by Dr. Corts, has come out of the shadows of  “talking about how we can help our Black brothers and sisters, to actually doing it, in partnership with Whole Man Ministries,” said Bishop Washington. 

Bishop Barry Washington’s hope and prayer is that more predominantly white churches will be vocal and step up and carry the mantle to disenfranchise the evil racial degradation of a particular people. Whole Man Ministries is expecting to feed upwards of a thousand people. 

All are invited and asked to remain in their vehicles while members from both churches serve them food boxes, provide facemasks if needed, and offer various goods like Amazon boxes, etc. Whole Man Ministries continues to be a beacon of light in the community.

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