Walk With A Doc adds health tips to monthly walking group

Dr. Elijah Beaty led the walkers in the Aug. 13 Walk With A Doc program.

Walk With A Doc adds health tips to monthly walking group
August 31
14:10 2022

By Judie Holcomb-Pack

Walk With A Doc, the AARP initiative to encourage seniors to walk for health, chose the perfect summer morning to kick off their new program. On Saturday, Aug. 13, over two dozen people gathered at the Newell-Massey Greenway on Waterworks Road to walk and talk with Dr. Elijah Beaty, who is in the Department of Cardiology at Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health.

According to Harriet Miller, the AARP co-lead for the Newell-Massey Greenway walk, there are only six Walk with a Doc initiatives across the country, with two others in North Carolina and this being the only one sponsored by AARP.

Dr. Eli, as he is known, is president of the Twin City Medical Society and is excited to be part of this new collaboration with AARP. This is a local version of a national effort of AARP’s goal to spread Walk With A Doc programs to underserved communities. Dr. Eli said the Medical Society looked at Walk With A Doc as a way for doctors to represent the East Winston community and support an activity that promotes better health. The program targets older adults but all are welcome to come out to the Newell-Massey Greenway on the second Saturday of each month to walk with the group. The walk is open to all ages and physical abilities.

Before each walk, a doctor will talk about a health topic for five to eight minutes. Then as the group walks the greenway, the participants are encouraged to ask the doctor questions they may have about health issues.  Dr. Eli spoke about the importance of walking which leads to improved health, better weight control, and lessens anxiety. It is recommended that we exercise for 150 minutes a week, but this can be broken down into segments throughout the week and can include activities like house cleaning, vacuuming, gardening, lawn care – even dancing! Any aerobic activity that encourages you to get moving helps maintain good health.

Dr. Eli said he would like to see a hundred walkers come out to not only improve their health, but to make new friends by participating in this program.

Michele and Kelvin McCormick were two of the over two dozen walkers at Walk With A Doc. Michele said, “We came out to see what it’s all about. We need to keep fit.” Asked if she brought her husband with her, he was quick to say, “I brought her!” They were invited by a friend to come to the walk and will probably come back next month.

Currently the walk begins at 9 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month, but the time will change in the fall when the weather becomes cooler. AARP provides water and snacks, as well as giveaways to participants.

Deb Burcombe, the program director for outreach for the Sticht Center for Alzheimer’s Research and Healthy Aging, said she walks every day. Commenting at the end of the walk, Burcombe said, “This is a great way to jump-start your exercise program. I challenge everyone to bring five friends with you next month!”

Register for the Sept. 10 Walk With A Doc by going to

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