‘War Room’ actress ‘could hear Ms. Clara’s voice’

Abercrombie joins local church for worship on Mother’s Day

‘War Room’ actress ‘could hear Ms. Clara’s voice’
May 12
07:00 2016

Photo by Timothy Ramsey

Karen Abercrombie delivers a message to members of Fellowship Church on Mother’s Day.



Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, Karen Abercrombie, who played Ms. Clara in the movie “War Room,” joined Fellowship Church in its Mother’s Day service.

Ms. Clara was a prayer warrior in the movie. Abercrombie was born in Aliquippa, Pa., but her family settled in Mooresville, N.C.  She is an award-winning actress, singer-songwriter, and storyteller.  She has appeared in multiple TV shows such as “Saved by the Bell,” Alley McBeal” and AMC’s “Turn.”

“I would watch television shows and movies and would have to act them out,” said Abercrombie.

“I would bring all the kids in the neighborhood together and give them parts, so it was just in me. Honestly I think it was the only thing I could do, and I love it and I’m grateful.”

After years of performing in church productions, she was encouraged to audition for the role of Ms. Clara. Auditions for the movie were to take place at her home church. After reading the dialogue, she said she “could hear Ms. Clara’s voice.”  She said after her audition “the room was silent.” According to Abercrombie, by the time she made it home, the phone was ringing and when she answered, they offered her the role.

Abercrombie said she thought of her aunt, who was a prayer warrior, and an elderly childhood neighbor as inspiration for the part.

Abercrombie started her message by telling the story of Rahab the harlot and how she eventually became a “mother in the bloodline of the Messiah.”  Her message was it doesn’t matter where you come from, God takes great joy in using any willing vessel to bring glory to his kingdom.”

She went on to speak about the gifts that all of us have inside and said, “You are here because you were chosen, so be encouraged.”

For Abercrombie, her faith in the Lord kept her strong throughout the years. She told the story of David and Goliath to tell everyone in attendance, “No matter what the giant is in your life, you have to trust in the Lord that he is what he says he is.

“You have to leave it in the father’s hands because he will do what he said he will do,” she said. “Be clear on who you are and what you mean to him, so much so that he gave his only begotten, perfect, and pure son because he wanted to spend an eternity with you.”

Fellowship Church Pastor Tony Jones reached out to Abercrombie through a mutual friend.  “It was a no brainer when I knew she was available and to do it on Mother’s Day, it just fit like a hand and glove.”

Jones just finished with a series of sermons entitled “Dangerous Prayers,” where he asks those to not pray safe prayers, but reach outside of their comfort zone. Jones said having Abercrombie here was a fitting end to the series because our focus has been on prayer.

Abercrombie’s message was very uplifting and said prayer has to be paramount in our relationship with God. For those who do not pray as they should, she posed the question, “How can you have an intimate relationship with someone you don’t spend a lot of time with?”

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