Whole Man Ministries: ‘The need is great!’

Whole Man Ministries gave out until all of the food was gone.

Whole Man Ministries: ‘The need is great!’
April 30
02:00 2020

Whole Man Ministries is continuing to be on the frontlines, serving the community. 

Last Friday, something absolutely amazing happened on the campus of Whole Man Ministries’ Church. Under the leadership of Bishop Barry, Pastor Camilla Washington and the leadership team, church volunteers prepared to feed 300 people. But an astonishing over 1,000 cars lined up bumper to bumper from Hwy. 52 to Old Lexington Road, where Whole Man Ministries 6.5-acre campus is located.

“The need was great! Cars started lining up at 1 p.m., an hour and a half earlier than the scheduled event at 2:20 p.m.,” said Bishop Washington. “Winston-Salem Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund has played an instrumental role in making this possible. We fed the hungry, handed out toys to the kids, household goods to the adults, and masks to everyone that needed it, especially the elderly,” said Washington.  

“The Winston Salem Police Department showed up to assist with the traffic. Keith Stamper had done an excellent job directing traffic until help arrived. This is amazing,” said Pastor Camilla. “We have fed 1,000 people and now have to turn cars away. Who knew the need was so great.”

God stepped on the campus and surpassed anything Bishop and Pastor Washington had expected. The church gave out all the food that was purchased from the COVID-19 funds and moved to its own food pantry to feed several more families until the food was completely gone. 

“We are also grateful to have collaborated with Love Out Loud, Flow, The Ministers’ Council and Mask the City,” said Pastor Washington. “We have given out 850 masks to keep people safe from the virus.” 

“The event was a success, started early at 2 p.m. and ended at 5:15 p.m., with the community asking for more. We see the need is great, the line stretched over a mile, people lining up for food and a mask,” said Bishop Washington. “We have to do this again soon.”

For more information regarding food and mask giveaways, follow Whole Man Ministries on Facebook or call them at 336-785-2080.

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