Writer’s Corner: At The Splash Pad

Writer’s Corner: At The Splash Pad
July 29
13:44 2022

By Peter Venable

fountains spray rainbow arcs as

kids crawl, waddle, scurry,

squeal, giggle, squirt blasters,

empty pails on one another.

A child, cornrowed and diapered,

steps on and off a geyser, squash-spurt,

squash-spurt, enraptured. Emma squats

and laughs under a mushroom waterfall

as moms, dads, and grands

hawk-eye their hatchlings when he,

eighty-plus, water-balloon jowled, says

“Never saw such a gathering back then,”

wiping his sunglasses, “might had hoses

propped in their backyards.” Children skim round

the spray ground. A boy darts under the shelter,

and I turn to his burly dad, sporting braids.

He wraps and towels his son.

“We’re having a peek into heaven.”

Peter Carrington Venable just released his newest book of poetry, “Jesus through a Poet’s Lens,” available on Amazon. He is a retired addiction and mental health clinician and a member of Winston-Salem Writers. His poem, “I Wonder As They Wander,” won a gold medal in the 2022 Senior Games/SilverArts literary competition.

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