Writer’s Corner: God’s Uncertainty

Writer’s Corner: God’s Uncertainty
April 27
08:11 2023

God’s Uncertainty

By Peter Venable


Space-time coordinates: an ocean, midday.

Shore barely visible. Surface choppy,

blustery, foamy, white-capped.


A white gull floats in a trough,

appearing and disappearing

between swells, behaving


the way an infinitesimal elusive quark

pops and bursts from our snooping lenses.

The gull: the more one precisely measures its position,


the less its location can be gauged or even predicted.

The ocean-metaphor or quantum manifestation?

The gull – a feathered molecule or a quaver


riding on waves? Is its bobbing entangled

with a gull a mile away? Or one light year away

in the ocean above as a gull floats


on a planet’s sea around Alpha Centauri?

And is our particle planet

spinning around a nuclear sun,


popping in and out of vista

under some cosmic being’s

supreme subatomic microscope?

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