Writer’s Corner: Haiku

Writer’s Corner: Haiku
February 24
14:05 2021

By Robert Moyer 

Her little foot

  held out to tickle


Tram doors

  open and close

    the smell of rain

Her finger and thumb

  slip into her mouth

    the last bite

Daily cigarette

  the blue of the sky


Wisconsin roadhouse

  lots of bellies 

    up to the bar

The old man 

  and his VW bus

    slow to start

Grandad’s workshop

  everything in its place

    but him

Neighbor’s new fence

  making our neighborhood

    great again

Robert Moyer received his BA (English Literature) from Kenyon College and his MFA (Directing) from Tulane University. He took up performance poetry in 1998 and has since won many poetry slams, including the 2011 and 2012 Poetry Slams conducted by the Poetry Council of North Carolina. In 1999 he won a Head to Head Haiku Slam and began writing haiku in earnest.  He has since had hundreds of poems published in the major haiku journals, most recently in JAR OF RAIN, the best haiku in English for 2020.  Moyer is slammaster of the Piedmont Slam, and resident poet and theater artist at the Arts-Based School. He conducts a monthly workshop on writing haiku called HOW TO HAIKU, which beginners are urged to attend on  They can find out how haiku is more than 5-7-5.

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