Writer’s Corner: The Wistful Weatherman

Writer’s Corner: The Wistful Weatherman
January 28
08:56 2023

By David Bonner Winship

The local TV weatherman

behind his desk

has a wistful lilt to his voice.

“The rains have moved on,”

forecasting sunny pleasant warm weather

in February.

He’d rather have snow –

lots of it –

or winter thunderstorms

or a tornado

like the one years ago.


After that tornado, when the senior weatherman

dove under a desk as the winds shook his studio

the timbre of the weatherman –

and now a weather woman –


increasing with new technology trackers,

prime time coverage during heavy storms,

dreams of Weather Channel exposure

when the reporters are exposed

to wild weather,

leaning against the winds,

rain and snow on uncovered heads.


Now he’s driving around in the snow

with cameraman at his side

warning his viewers,

“It’s bad out here.

Don’t drive if you don’t have to,”

Ignoring his own advice.


David Bonner Winship is a poet, writer and vinyl music collector from Bristol, Tennessee. He is a member of Winston-Salem Writers.

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