You-n-You Experience celebration reception to be held on Saturday

You-n-You Experience celebration reception  to be held on Saturday
April 27
19:07 2022

The YOU-n-You Experience Cohort 2 Celebration Reception will take place on Saturday, April 30. Developed by Marviette A Usher, a former information technology consultant who is now lovingly called “Lady Million Marviette, the IT Consultant for Women,” the YOU-n-You Experience is an intense personal development experience designed to remind women that they are still absolutely phenomenal right in the midst of life happenings. 

More importantly, The Experience is designed to encourage women to maintain a mindset of “I can’t stop! Don’t stop! I won’t stop!” until they push through and unleash their capital ‘YOU’ and birth out all that God has invested in them, no matter what, and commit to the mindset of dying empty.

Coupled with The Experience are Usher’s book, “Phenomenal? “OH, YES YOU ARE!” and her “There Shall be Glory After This Self-Care, Self-Love Journey” guide. Both were written to speak to powerful, educated, talented, and beautiful women who have been “hit by life” and while others may think these women have it all together, these women are left wondering “God, why me?  How do I push past this and come out on the other side ‘super bad,’ giving God glory in spite of it all,” delivering life transformational results?

The Experience’s mission is to encourage women to stop spending years trying to figure out all their “life-happening” experiences and instead embrace them, seeing them as an “honor” conferred upon them wherein God has selected them to carry such a heavy weight and be a point of reference for His glory. This truly does give life to the phrase, “I don’t look like what I’ve been through!”  There is a great blessing in store for the woman who is committed to walk out her journey and step into her greatness on the other side.

The reception will celebrate several women for successfully embracing their greatness, “doing their personal work and birthing their purpose.”  Society focuses so much on how to be successful, basing it on what we have, and no one is really talking about where true success lies. Success, walking in greatness, impacting others and leaving an imprint starts with “who we are” and how we are “being.”  It is of utmost importance that women know or discover who we truly are when no one is around, when we are not all dressed up for the world and when we must make decisions in the dark.  

M.A. Usher expresses to the YOU-n-You women that when they know exactly who they are, to whom they belong and tap into what their Almighty God has invested in them, they will guard their seed of greatness at all cost. In turn, as they guard their seed, they will maintain class, elegance and most definitely, will not reduce themselves to engage in out-of-character life happening situations that compromise their greatness and purpose.

The Experience challenges women to answer this main question: Are you becoming who you need to become/the person you need to be in order to have the capacity to do what God has ordained you to do so that you’ll walk in your expected end and experience the life you’d like to have – your God-given predestined life?  (Be*Do*Have* & Behave*) How are you behaving in your life?

I’m ecstatic that each of the women answered the call and they will be honored with a certificate of completion to celebrate what they have “birthed for God’s glory to bless the women He has assigned to them.” Our purpose is bigger than us, it is not about us; however, it most definitely requires us. For more information, visit

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