Zesto restaurant opens Zesto Market

Last month Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream launched Zesto Market to provide much needed items to people in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zesto restaurant opens Zesto Market
April 09
03:45 2020

In response to the growing need for essential items that are flying off the shelves at grocery stores and supermarkets across the country, last month Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream launched Zesto Market, a new initiative to provide much needed items such as meat, vegetables, bread and more to those in need.

Located at 2600 New Walkertown Road, Zesto opened in May of 2018 after city native Algenon Cash organized an investment group to buy the naming rights for the restaurant that was popular in the 1970s. When discussing the decision to open Zesto Market, Cash said the plan is not to turn Zesto into a grocery store, but to be a resource to the community. 

He said after noticing how stores have been struggling to keep shelves stocked due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he saw a need and leaped into action. 

“We rolled it out and started testing it before we starting talking about it officially,” Cash said. “Really just looking more so to be a resource on those supplemental items that local residents feel like they can’t get at the grocery store and especially in a community like East Winston that is underserved by not only restaurants, but also underserved by grocery stores in general.” 

After testing the business model, Zesto Market officially launched about two weeks ago. The market offers chicken tenderloin, chicken wings, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, bacon, ground beef, mixed vegetables, milk, eggs, paper towels and toilet tissue. The items are being sold at reasonable prices and come from U.S. Foods, the second largest distributor in the country. U.S. Foods provides raw meats and other items listed on the Zesto menu. 

Cash said although he’s taking a risk selling in bulk, it’s something he’s willing to do to ensure people can access the items they need. 

“Basically we’re taking the product that we normally bring in in bulk to produce our menu and we just agreed to sell those items at a bulk price,” he said. “What people don’t realize is that when I sell it in bulk like that, I’m not really selling it at a good margin like I do on my menu … so we’re eeking out a little bit of money, but we’re not making the kind of money people think we’re making. I’m taking a little risk on my own by selling the product in bulk and not hoarding it like some other restaurants.”

Although it was launched to provide a resource during these uncertain times, Cash mentioned that the Zesto Market may continue after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. 

“I honestly think it’s something we will continue to do,” Cash said. “It was something we did because all the grocery stores were having mass shortages and East Winston is already underserved when it comes to grocery stores, so we just wanted to give people a supplemental option.”

Zesto Market purchases must be pre-ordered. To see a complete list of items and prices or to place an order, visit “Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream” on Facebook.

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