Area punt, pass and kick competition crowns champions

A young girl attempts one of her throws in the pass portion of the competition.

Area punt, pass and kick competition crowns champions
November 17
04:30 2016

Photo by Timothy Ramsey



The Winston-Salem punt, pass and kick competition was held last week at the Hanes Hosiery Recreation Center.  The participants were the winners of the local recreation centers, and all came together to compete against one another to determine the citywide champion.

There were four different age groups 8-9, 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15.  There was also a boys and girls winner from each age group.  The participants each took turns throwing, kicking and punting the ball for distance.  A total of 39 out of 59 qualifying kids showed up.

The top three finishers from each group are as follows:

*Girls 8-9: 1st. Lylah Robinson, 2nd. Kinaysia Rhynehardt, 3rd. Desiree Martin 

*Boys 8-9: 1st. Chancellor McMillan, 2nd Jauan Wilson, 3rd. Jeremiah Torian 

*Girls 10-11: 1st Rasine Cousins, 2nd Kayla Hamilton, 3rd. Tashayiah Ross 

*Boys 10-11: 1st. Michael Bonaparte, 2nd. DaThomas Greene, 3rd. Tahj Trapp 

*Girls 12-13: 1st. Charlotte Craver, 2nd. Sierra Samuels, 3rd. Taleeya Reed 

*Boys 12-13: 1st. Jordan Timmons, 2nd. D. J. Pegues, 3rd. Yorel Harris

*Girls 14-15: 1st. Shaliyah Williams (Boys 13-14) 1st. Kevon Wilson, 2nd. Emmanuel Moore, 3rd. Tresan Stewart.

Hanes Hosiery Director Art Blevins said the punt, pass and kick competition has been around since he started with the recreation department decades ago. He stated in previous years, the winners would move on to state and national competitions when the centers were a part of Statewide Athletics Committee.

“Seeing the kids smile is the biggest satisfaction for me,” said Blevins. “Some of the kids who are out here are athletes and others are just average kids that don’t play ball a lot, so it just tickles them to death to be able to win a trophy. Just seeing these kids shine is the main thing.”

Blevins went on to say that with many of the kids who would normally participate in the competition, playing Pop Warner football it gives others a chance to show off their athletic abilities.  He says events such as this is for all kids, not just the athletically elite.

The kids seemed to have a really good time showcasing their skills. All who received a trophy had a huge smile on his or her face as if they had won the Super Bowl.

“I like it and I do it every year.  I like doing this with Coach Art because he inspired me, because he is my role model,” said Sierra Samuels.  “The best thing I like about it is the competition.”

The parents of the kids attended, rooting them on along the way.

One parent stated, “The fact that I was able to come out and see my child compete and play with others is truly a blessing.  I think it’s great they have this kind of event for the kids who aren’t part of a team but can still feel like winners.”

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