Annual golf tournament reaches 20-year mark

Winston Lake Golf Course was host to the 20th annual fundraiser golf tournament.

Annual golf tournament reaches 20-year mark
August 31
14:30 2022

The Winston Lake Golf Course played host once again for the annual fundraising golf tournament for the Winston-Salem Stealers basketball organization on Aug. 20. Organizers, led by the Robinson Group, Beautiful Countenance and others, wanted this year’s tournament to be the best one yet.

Alvin Robinson, one of the tournament organizers, began the tournament originally as a fundraising effort for a team he was coaching at the time. After his daughters became a part of the Stealers’ organization, Robinson connected with Brian Robinson, head coach of the Stealers, and they began raising money for the girls and the rest is history.

According to Alvin Robinson, the tournament had their biggest turnout ever this year.  Robinson and Dan Motsinger, owner of Cahill & Swain, put a lot of effort into bringing in players, sponsors and special guests. This year’s guest was Jim Caldwell, former head coach of Wake Forest University, the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions.

Robinson has a heart for giving and is truly a man of the people. Putting this tournament together is an arduous task to take on each year, but he enjoys doing things for others.

“Sometimes you think you want to give up but since we are helping young ladies in basketball and a scholarship, you forget about the time and work and instead think of how you are helping the young ladies,” said Alvin Robinson.

Robinson doesn’t do things for others to be celebrated by others, it’s just in his nature to do so. He says God put him on this earth to help others and he is just fulfilling God’s will.

“I never got a pat on the back from it, except from my wife and my kids,” he said. “My kids really support me with this, even after they left the Stealers. My sons and my daughters ask me if I am tired or if I need to sit down, but I tell them that ‘I got this.’

“It’s something that’s embedded in my spirit now to do. My old Apostle Brenda McCloud always said that I was a giver and that I was a community person. After she passed away, that embedded in my spirit to always be there for the community because that’s what she prophesied to me.”

Robinson was thankful to all of the sponsors and vendors that donated to the tournament and continue to do so year in and year out. He also wanted to thank Motsinger, Jim Caldwell, Cooper Realty and Julius Reese

“I basically call them and say, ‘Hey, it’s that time of year now, can you help?’ and they don’t mind helping,” Robinson said about the sponsors and vendors. “They really make things a lot easier when you ask them for something, and they just keep on giving and giving. I am at a loss for words.”

The biggest joy for Robinson is helping out the young ladies of the Stealers, but he says he also enjoys seeing everyone come out and enjoy the tournament.

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