Black-owned beauty supply store set to open in W-S

Allen opens a beauty supply store in Winston-Salem. It's one of the few Black-owned beauty supply stores in the nation.

Black-owned beauty supply store set to open in W-S
May 05
10:46 2023

After years of working with hair and hair care products the idea to open a beauty supply store came to Winston-Salem native Tequilla Allen in 2020. And after some long days and even longer nights working towards her goal, on Saturday, Allen will officially open iSupply Beauty, one of the few Black-owned beauty supply stores in the state. 

Thanks largely in part to Black women, haircare is a billion-dollar industry, but despite their contributions less than 5% of beauty supply stores are owned by Black people. Allen said a Black-owned beauty supply store is something the community has wanted and needed for a while, so she decided to step up to the plate.

When we caught up with Allen earlier this week she was putting the final touches on the store, stocking shelves and making sure everything is perfect for the grand opening. iSupply will carry wigs, weaves, braiding hair, lashes, accessories and products for kids and men. They will also carry products by popular brands like Mielle, Nairobi, Design Essentials, TGIN, Camille Rose and others. 

Allen said hair is something she has always been into and initially her plan was to start her own hair line, but as time went on her idea continued to blossom. “As I was brainstorming, I’m thinking of other things that I could add to the brand and that’s when the lightbulb goes off,” she said. 

Allen said what will set iSupply apart from other beauty supply stores will be the atmosphere you get when you walk in the door. She said it will be a place where everyone will feel welcomed, which isn’t always the case for customers at beauty supply stores, especially Black women.  “My store will be a vibe. A place where all customers will be appreciated,” Allen said.

While she makes it look easy, Allen admits it took a lot of work to get where she is today. She said she learned a lot about the business by doing her own research. She also mentioned a group she joined where she was able to connect with other Black beauty store owners who are always ready to help out. “Any questions you may have, they’re just ready and willing to help,” Allen said. 

While on her journey to become an entrepreneur, Allen said she’s learned that she has a lot more patience than she thought. She said the journey has also given her more confidence to take chances and bet on herself. 

“With everything that I carry around on my shoulders on a daily basis, just trying to reach certain goals and beat certain obstacles, I’ve made it this far.  I really believe I can do anything,” Allen said. 

When asked what the future holds for iSupply Beauty 10-15 years down the road,  Allen said the business will have reached its “full potential,” with several stores and offering other services as well. 

“We will have a few more locations and a lot of other things that I have in store,” Allen said. “Stay tuned, iSupply will definitely be coming full throttle. This is only the beginning.”

The grand opening of iSupply Beauty is scheduled for Saturday, May 6, at 12 p.m. The store is located at 1243 W. Clemmonsville Rd. in Winston-Salem. For more information follow iSupply Beauty on Facebook (iSupply Beauty) Instagram and TikTok (iSupply_Beauty). 

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