Black-owned company aims to help people of color with skin care needs

Bridget Hunter launched the Bridget Renee Brand earlier this year.

Black-owned company aims to help people of color with skin care needs
September 22
08:04 2022

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart due to the risks involved with such a venture. Throwing caution to the wind, Bridget Hunter stepped out on faith and started the Bridget Renee Brand (BRB) to give melanated people another option in the world of skin care.

Hunter, a Goldsboro native and 2009 graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, launched BRB in April of this year, but has had other businesses that led her to this point in her professional journey.

“I started out making A&T paraphernalia and from there I kind of liked being in front of the camera because that was one of the first times getting my makeup done, so it kind of drew me into it and I decided to start a lipstick line,” said Hunter about how she got the idea to start the Bridget Renee Brand.  

“It was February of 2020 when I launched my lipstick line but then, of course, COVID came in March so of course, it didn’t do well because people weren’t going anywhere and if they did, they had a mask on. As time went by, I noticed that wearing a mask would break out people’s faces where the mask was, so I just put a different spin on it and turned it into a skin care line.”

Hunter says she still has lipstick options that she sells. Her skin care line consists of an oil cleanser, a face moisturizer, a face mask, a face mist, and beard oil for men.  

“It all goes together,” she said. “If someone is looking at your popping lips, then they need to be looking at smooth skin, so it all goes together for me.”

Hunter connected with an all-natural distributor for her products. She personally tested them for a few months to see how the products worked and really enjoyed them.

“Finding the natural products was very important to me,” she said about her products. “The natural products embedded in my skin care is very important for me because that’s what we use and that’s just what’s best for our skin.”

Hunter says the biggest difference between her products and what you currently find on the shelves is that her products cater to many different types of skin. Whether you have oily or dry skin, she claims her products will work for you.  

Being that BRB is in its infancy, sales have already exceeded her initial expectations. Hunter works a full-time job, while also taking care of her son, so she can’t dedicate as much time to her company as she would like.

“I’ve honestly been trying to find a balance with my professional life, my business life and my personal life,” she stated. “I just moved this past weekend, but now I feel like I am on a track to get back into my business like I was in the beginning. I can’t say that business isn’t good, I just haven’t had the time to put into it like I want to.

“I can’t say that I give 100% of myself to everything because I am always missing something. If I’m at work and I am trying to make a post, I am neglecting something that I need to do there. After work, I am too tired, I am neglecting something I need to work on for marketing. The best way that I can juggle it is to prioritize the things that I need to get done in each area.”

As a successful Black woman in the professional as well as in the entrepreneurial world, Hunter is intentional with her moves as she knows other young ladies are watching her and other successful Black women and use them for inspiration in their lives.

“I worked at A&T before I relocated here and I was an academic advisor and one thing that really stood out to me was how much my students took to me and how much they looked up to me, so I knew in that moment that people are watching; you might not think so, but people are watching,” she continued.  

“They still follow me on social media and I still communicate with some and when they see me do certain things, they’ll tell me that I inspired them to continue on the path they were on. They might not necessarily want to go into entrepreneurship or academia but whatever their field is, it can be done because they see everything I have going on.”

Hunter would eventually like to see her products in brick and mortar stores like Target, Walgreens and Walmart. Her belief is that when she hears no, that just means not right now and will continue to persevere until she gets a yes.

Becoming a business owner was a dream come true for Hunter. She has always wanted to affect change in the community by becoming a leader by example.

“I’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur,” said Hunter. “I’ve always wanted to create something to change the lives of others. I didn’t know what, but I always knew I wanted to make an impact in some kind of way.

“Breaking into the beauty industry, especially post-COVID, made me realize how important self-love and self-care is. I strive to put that back in our community. The biggest benefit of owning my business is being able to have young women look at me as an inspiration to never give up on their dreams.”

You can find Hunter’s products at

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