Business of the Month: Their love of children is the foundation for their learning center

Business of the Month: Their love of children is the foundation for their learning center
December 19
04:30 2019

By Busta Brown

Brittani Williams Burton and her staff at My Little Genius’ Child Development Center “just love children.”

“What I love most about the learning center is that they understand the importance of playtime. Learning is supposed to be enjoyable. It helps them develop self-expression. That’s exactly what we want. We want them to learn who they are at an early age. It’s extremely important to build awareness and confidence by the time they’re three years old,” said Williams Burton. 

She also shared that learning doesn’t always have to be sitting down or writing. “They can play on the floor with blocks and puzzles, and learn math and reading. Learning shapes and playing with puzzles helps them with problem solving, comprehension and recognition. Learning through play makes learning enjoyable.” 

I really enjoyed listening to Brittani’s children in the background. The owner of My Little Genius’ Child Development Center was multitasking. She was on mommy duty and also very focused while answering each question during the interview. 

The centers provide children with opportunities for self-expression through language, dramatic play, art, and music activities. “Children imitate what they see, so we allow them to dress up as firemen or firewomen, police officer, pretend they’re cooking in the kitchen. Or even get more creative, like pretending to be one of their favorite cartoon characters or animals. It’s really based own each child’s personal experiences outside of the center and we build upon that, to expand their knowledge and imagination,” Williams Burton said. 

I was very inspired by the display of posters of children with special needs and the message behind the posters. “It’s about teaching our children the importance of self-expression. When they learn how to express themselves, it helps them accept the self-expression of others, tolerating and accepting people for who they are,” said Brittani. 

My Little Genius’ Child Development Center provides exposure to technology for children three years of age and older. “They learn how to Google,” she said and then laughed. “We teach them how to research and then share why that’s important.” 

I thought about what Brittani said. And it’s extremely important for a child to learn how to research and find valuable information at an early age. They’ll always be one step ahead of their peers. They’re definitely creating “little geniuses.” 

They go above and beyond to provide excellent care for each child. With teaching conflict resolution, they enhance each child’s self-esteem by taking time to get to know each child and their personality. This makes it easy to create an appropriate curriculum that focuses on the whole child. Respect is a must at the center. “We teach them how to speak with a warm and respectful tone. Our staff provides a very nurturing environment, so our children feel safe, protected, and respected,” said Williams Burton. 

The center also provides support services for the children and their families. Brittani Williams Burton co-owns the center with her husband, community leader and businessman Tony Burton. 

My Little Genius’ Child Development Center provides a high-quality early childhood education and care for your children. They are located at 1000 Fourth St. East, Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336-893-5105 or visit If you need financial support, ask about The Chronicle Cares Campaign scholarship program. 

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