Business of the Month: Zaria’s Cookies have a purpose

Phyllis Caldwell-George, President and Founder of Zaria’s Milk, granddaughter Zaria Caldwell, and daughter-in-law and vice president of Zaria Milk, Brianna Holland.

Business of the Month: Zaria’s Cookies have a purpose
August 15
01:30 2019

By Busta Brown

Thank God for Princess Zaria!

When Zaria was born, she brought so much joy to her parents, Philp Caldwell and Brianna Holland. And her grandmother, Phyllis Caldwell-George, absolutely adored her granddaughter. Like most new moms, Brianna began breastfeeding, but she began to notice something unusual. Phyllis said, “My daughter-in-law began having trouble producing milk.”

Brianna did some research and stumbled across some recipes on how to increase her milk supply naturally. She sent those recipes to her mother-in-law and asked, “Can you make me some cookies and make sure you put oatmeal, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal in the cookies?” 

Caldwell-George said, “So, we created something she can chew on and delicious at the same time. I made some alterations to the ingredients, put some love into it, and she absolutely loved the cookies. All of the ingredients are lactation boosters,” said Caldwell George.

The best part of this genesis idea, according to Caldwell-George, is Brianna’s milk production was up within days. Shortly after her daughter-in-law was producing milk successfully, a colleague’s wife had trouble producing milk, “So I made her some cookies and she was so excited about the results, she posted it on her social media page, and then word begin to spread quickly.”

In a short period, Zaria’s Milk had satisfied customers from the Triad to Virginia and even in Dallas, Texas. They decided to start a business, and coming up with a name was easy. They named it after the princess who inspired it all. The company is called Zaria’s Milk.

Before starting Zaria’s Milk, the family had focus groups with nursing moms. “They couldn’t be on any type of medications that will affect their milk supply. They had to eat the cookies at least three times a day and then check in and the nurses that worked with us would do surveys and tests on how our lactation products were increasing their milk supply. The results were phenomenal, so we knew that it was time to spread this joy to nursing mothers all over the world.”

Zaria’s Milk has taken away the challenge of not producing enough milk and created an easy fix. They made it easy, fun and delicious, all in one. No more agonizing and stress for mothers who are breastfeeding. Just make a phone call or send an email and relief is on the way. Your cookies will be delivered to your home or business quickly. Something else to love about the company: the entire family can eat the cookies. “I get a lot of mothers saying their husband or children are eating all the cookies,” said Caldwell-George, as she laughed with pride and joy. She said they bake each batch of cookies and treats with love. They’re made to order and individually wrapped to maintain their freshness. Zaria’s Milk comes in a wide variety. “Oatmeal chocolate chip, blueberry lemon, cranberry orange, chocolate chuck, and the list goes on. We even have a variety of brownies as well. We have something that all nursing moms will enjoy.” Zaria’s Milk also has a support group for nursing moms to help with any questions they might have about health, what to eat, their newborns and more.

To get Zaria’s Milk products. contact Phyllis Caldwell-George by visiting their website at, their Facebook page at or Instagram @zariasmilk.

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