Busta’s Person of the Week: She spits with a purpose

Talia Scott

Busta’s Person of the Week: She spits with a purpose
August 16
08:58 2018

By Busta Brown

Talia Scott is a native of Winston-Salem and has been a creative mind since childhood. Inspired by local literary icon Maya Angelou, and a poetic character from a favorite childhood movie – the comedy-thriller “So I Married an Axe Murderer” starring Mike Meyers – she created her own style within the literary arts.

“I’m a Southern belle, dipped in Miami hustle, with a sprinkle of 1950s beatnik influence,” said Scott.

Scott said she cut her teeth on poetry, professionally, in North Miami, Florida. “I was under the tutelage of HBO Def Poet & Poet Laureate Will Da Real One (Will Bell) & company and I’ve been blazing as a writer & poet since 2008.”

Recently, in partnership with the musical talents of local musician Nelson Roberts, the duo created an anthem for the special needs students at Carter Vocational High School and their ‘No Dis’ Campaign. The song, “We Are Connected,” has reached outside the original intended audience and “is now an anthem for all people who have faced adversity,” Scott said. Carter is a high school for special needs students in Winston-Salem.

The chorus is beautiful and very inspiring, “Despite the appearances seen through your eyes, I am able and I am liked despite the disadvantages that they tell us we have. Let’s come together and unite.” The song can be found on digital media outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

“As a kid I would always see Maya Angelou out and about,” Scott said. “As I grew and became aware of who she was and reading her work … knowing what she’d done in her lifetime, I said ‘Wow, I wanna do that!’ I also saw this crazy movie as a kid starring Mike Meyers where he was a beat poet. Seeing him stand on a corner or a rooftop with his band and spitting those funny bars was so invigorating. I, again, said ‘Wow! I wanna do that!”

Talia has participated in the Women of the World Poetry Slam, featured at poetry venues across the country, college commencements and earned spots opening and closing for acts such as Malcolm Jamal Warner and Lalah Hathaway – legendary R&B singer Donny Hathaway’s daughter. Most recently, Scott had a short stent touring with The Punany Poets as the Naughty Librarian in the “School of Seduction” show, which garnered an encore performance at The Funny Bone Comedy Clubs with performances in Virginia Beach, Chicago and Atlanta, as well as the annual Guerilla Spit Presents showcase in Winston Salem. Scott founded Guerilla Spit Literary House, a poetry collective consisting of writers, poets and spoken word artists from Miami.

“I and other artists-turned-friends came together with the shared idea that art should be authentically crafted, uncensored, and available to everyone by any means. No fluff allowed,” Scott said.

As a third-year graduate student in a Master of Arts in Art Therapy program, Scott moved to Florida, but decided to come back to Winston-Salem.

“I plan to do more community work and private practice Art Therapy (psychotherapy with the inclusion of expressive arts) are the next elements that Guerilla Spit will house,” Scott said.

“Living away has renewed my perspective and value of Winston-Salem. I don’t think many of the people that live here full time realize what we have. We’re in a hotbed of arts, and the community is so welcoming.”

The 35 year old graduated from North Forsyth High School and Elon University. My late mentor, Will Bell, and another mentor call me a poet’s poet … a writer’s writer. Those are the people I seek approval from. If anyone else likes it, too, then I guess I’ve done alright!”

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