Centenarians Charlie Jasper Lentz and Mattie Geneva Douthit Glenn recognized by Goler Metropolitan

Mattie Geneva Douthit Glenn and Charlie Jasper Lentz

Centenarians Charlie Jasper Lentz and Mattie Geneva Douthit Glenn recognized by Goler Metropolitan
December 26
01:00 2019

Goler Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church recently celebrated the inspiring life stories of two members of their congregation who have reached the age of 100.

Mr. Charlie Jasper Lentz was born on Feb. 3, 1919, in Cedar Hill, N.C., to the late Daisy and Charlie Lentz. 

As a young boy, he was frequently ill. He suffered from the measles, whooping cough, other illnesses and often had a cold. Despite feeling bad, Charlie participated in the church’s programs on Easter, Christmas, and Children’s Day. He fondly recalls how proud his mother was when a church member commented on his excellent performance in the church programs. He always obeyed his parents by attending church each Sunday. Continuing with his love for God, Charlie was saved and accepted Jesus Christ into his life at the age of 13. Having committed his life to Christ, as a teenager Charlie did not spend time running after girls or drinking with the guys. He asked God to direct his path in life.

As a young man, Charlie made the decision to enlist in the U.S. Army. Due to his past health issues, the doctor responsible for reviewing Charlie’s record would not approve his admission to the Army. Personally, he believed that, as a Negro, he was not admitted because of his race. One day he approached a blind man pumping water from a well. Charlie overheard the blind man say that Hitler’s Nazi Germany had invaded Poland. The blind man noted that a war was about to “break out” and told Charlie “the Army was gonna take anybody now regardless of race.” Consequently, on August 26, 1941, Charlie enlisted in the U.S. Army approximately two years after the beginning of World War II. 

Charlie was assigned to the Corp of Engineers with their most visible missions being planning, designing and building and operating locks, highways and dams. Charlie’s Division of the Corp of Engineers was responsible for building the Alcan Highway that was the first connector from Canada to Alaska.`

On Nov. 8, 1945, four years after enlisting, Charlie completed his tour of duty, meeting all required standards of duty performance and personal conduct and received an honorable discharge from the United States Army.

When Charlie returned home from service, he settled in Winston-Salem, where he accepted a job with the Postal Service. Shortly after he came to Winston-Salem, he met Bernice Barber at a dance. At first sight, he thought she was pretty attractive and she might be the lady he would marry. Around Thanksgiving 1946, that thought became a reality. 

When Charlie came home from work, he and Bernice talked a lot at the beginning of their marriage because there was no television around for entertainment. He loved for Bernice to fix his favorite meal of chicken with vegetables. After the meal was prayer time. To this union was born one daughter, Gail, and one son, Charles.

Today, Charlie is a faithful member of Goler Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church, where you will find him near the front pew on the right of the sanctuary each Sunday. Charlie served on the Steward Board for 50 years, Class Leader for 53 years and loyal member of Sunday school for 74 years. 

Oddly, the man who was so sickly as a child is thankful that God has blessed him as he never gets sick and he can get around well and walk without the aide of a stick or cane. 

Mrs. Mattie Geneva Douthit Glenn was born Sept. 26, 1919, to the late Mattie Payne and Joseph George Washington Douthit. Mattie grew up in Little Yadkin, N.C., which has been incorporated into Lewisville.

As a young girl, Mattie was always in the kitchen watching her mother cook. It was a joy for her to learn how fine dishes were prepared. Breakfast was served every Sunday morning before she was off to Sunday School and Preaching. Mattie was always involved in the programs at church, but she never wanted to sing in the choir. While attending Double Springs A.M.E. Zion Church, Mattie gave her uncompromising commitment to God. “Give yourselves completely to God – every part of you … you want to be tools in the hands of God, to be used for His good purposes.” (Romans 6:13 Living Bible).

Mattie’s favorite food is turnip greens and cornbread. She remembers that growing up, her family always had food on the table. Her father grew most of the vegetables and canned them for the winter months. “Nowadays, it’s so handy to go to the grocery store for food,” says Mattie. 

When Mattie was in elementary school, she caught the eye of Charlie Gray Glenn, Sr. They met because their parents attended many church events together and, of course, Mattie and Charlie also were present. This friendship lasted for many years and with each year their relationship grew stronger and stronger.

On August 8, 1944, Mattie Geneva Douthit and Charlie Gray Glenn, Sr. were joined in holy matrimony at the home of Rev. R.V. Fortson of Pfafftown, N/C. This couple gave birth to four children: Linda, Carol, Charlie, Jr. and Karen. The family name for Mattie became “Muh” as the children would express at an early age and has been passed on through later generations of Glenns.

Charlie and Mattie enjoyed gardening. They would plant and harvest their own vegetables each year. Mattie said, “Charlie wanted me to stay home to cook, clean and raise the children. In return, he did everything for his family and we lacked for nothing. We tried to instill in our children to mind your parents, don’t be hardheaded, and stay out of trouble.” 

Mattie Glenn has been a faithful member of Goler Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church since 1969. She was ordained a Deaconess and served as a member of the Faithful 20 Club, the precursor to the Stewardess Board. 

In September Mattie’s family threw her a huge celebration recognizing her 100th Birthday. It was a momentous occasion. When asked what she received for her birthday, Mattie responded, “Money and a beautiful throw to place over my lap when I take a nap.”

The lady with the green thumb considers herself blessed and favored with his grace. 

This is a snippet of the life of two centenarians. May God add a blessing to each one for the good life and benefit of having God first in their lives. Mattie Geneva Douthit Glenn and Charlie Jasper Lentz are the jewels of Goler Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church. 

Goler Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church is located on 1435 East Fourth Street where the Rev. Dr. Johnny L. Ruff is the pastor.

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