Church brings services to the community

Photo by Timothy Ramsey- Scores of individuals from the surrounding area came out for United Metropolitan's CommUnity Day.

Church brings services to the community
June 22
04:14 2017

United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church held a CommUnity day to bring services to its surrounding community along with honoring Father’s Day.  There was free food and entertainment as well for the children.

The event brought agencies such as the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Forsyth County Department of Public Health, Habitat for Humanity and the Winston-Salem Police Department all under one roof to serve the people in the community who may need assistance or information from these agencies.  There were also bounce houses and a mobile library on hand for the children.

Event coordinator Manya Stewart said the CommUnity Day was the vision of former Pastor Prince Rainey Rivers.  She said giving back to the community was very important to Rivers along with the current members of the congregation.

“The purpose of today is to sow seeds of good will and love throughout our surrounding communities,” Stewart said.  “We actually go out to our neighbors and invite them in one-on-one.  In turn we are also hoping that they will visit our church as well.  We also have prizes and giveaways for the fathers in attendance.”

Stewart says that since there are individuals with transportation issues or other things that prohibit them from going to certain places, they just decided to bring the services to them.  She says you have to meet people half way if you really want to try and reach them.

United Metropolitan member and author of “Meet the Feeling Friends,” Karen Cuthrell, was the driving force in getting many of the agencies to come out for the day.  She said from attending a previous event where there were several agencies in attendance she felt the same could be done during the church’s CommUnity Day. 

“A lot of times services a person may need are not under one roof,” Cuthrell said.  “This event gives people a one stop shop of services that they may need all at the same time.  Some people don’t think of the hardships people have with transportation sometimes, so hopefully this is helping someone.  Here at United Metropolitan we are a community church and it’s wonderful to be in the community where the people are.”

Felicia M. Brinson of DSS said that she knows many people have a negative view of the DSS and coming out to meet the people is one way they can dispel many of the negative myths people may have about them.

“I just want the people to know that we are here for them,” Brinson said.  “We know the perception of the DSS may be negative to some people. We are here to show them that is not the case.”

Keisha Forbes of DSS added, “We are trying to bring unity to the community and we are trying to change the face of DSS.”

The DSS representatives were there to offer their services along with advising people of the upcoming community events they have planned for the summer.  Sharon Porter, DSS Foster Parent Recruiter, says it’s very important for the people to know that DSS is there to help.  She says there is a need for responsible foster parents in the county and urges people who are interested to contact the DSS.

Officer C.J. Morgan of the Winston-Salem Police Department said, “I think it’s important to be out in the community to let people know we do care about our community and that we are very community oriented.”

All of the individuals who came out to show people the services their respective companies have all were volunteers.  United Metropolitan plans to have two additional CommUnity days later this year with various themes.

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