Church celebrates youth during service

Photo by Timothy Ramsey- Jada Carter performs an original dance during the youth and young adult day at New Direction Movement Cathedral.

Church celebrates youth during service
June 29
05:00 2017

Everyone knows the iconic line “I believe the children are our future” from Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.”  Building on that principle, Pastor Essie C. McCullough and the congregation of New Direction Movement Cathedral held their Youth and Young Adult Day this past Sunday, June 25.

The annual service was held to highlight the next generation of the church.  During the service, the youth performed many of the duties such as ushering, delivering the prayer as well as the morning announcements.  There was also a dance routine performed by Jada Carter.

Pastor McCullough delivered the sermon during the service.  Her message of “Know Who You Are” was given to inspire the young people in attendance.  She says the idea for the sermon came to her Saturday when God brought a Scripture to her mind.

“I just wanted to deliver the message to the young people that they need to know who they are,” she said.  “When you realize who you are, you will be come rich and prosperous.  Everything you put your hands on will flourish because of who you are.  So I always thank God for allowing me to know who I am.”

McCullough said she knows that the children are definitely the future of the business and the church.  She said the young people need to know what they need to do for God so that they can help others.

“It’s never about us, but always about someone else,” she continued.  “When you shift your focus and realize it’s not about you then you have the right frame of mind.

“Our children need to understand the sacrifices that have been made for them,” McCullough said.  “They don’t know and no one has told them about the sacrifices that have been made on their behalf.  Mothers and fathers struggle all the time for their kids and sometimes they take it for granted.”

Along with honoring the youth, the church also celebrated the upcoming birthday of McCullough.  Following the sermon the various church ministries presented McCullough with gifts and cards.

McCullough said the gifts that were presented to her were totally unexpected.  She says it touched her heart to have the church honor her birthday in that manner.

“I am grateful and I thank God that they thought enough of me to do that,” said McCullough.  “Because sometimes people forget and don’t remember things.  Out of all the things people do for me, I always be grateful and always say thank you.  I thank God for everyone that has come through this ministry.”

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