Church clothes closet seeks to help community

he clothes closet at Ambassador Cathedral is open two days a week.

Church clothes closet seeks to help community
February 14
01:25 2019

The people of the Triad were spoiled with spring-like weather for several days last week. Mother Nature quickly reminded us that it is still winter with near freezing temperatures soon after. To help those in need during this chilly season, the congregation of Ambassador Cathedral invites the community to visit their clothes closet.

The clothes closet is open on Sundays from noon until 2 p.m. and Wednesdays from 5 to 7:30 p.m. The church also offers a food pantry as well for the residents of the community.

“Because of where this church is, we understand the need in this community,” said Apostle Edward Allen, senior pastor of Ambassador Cathedral.

Ambassador Cathedral has a long history of helping their local community in any way they can. Allen described when his mother was a pastor at the church two decades ago, they would assist over 300 families per month with their food and nutritional needs. 

“When I started pastoring here, knowing the need and knowing this area, I made the suggestion and we started making plans for our clothes closet,” said Allen. “This is called Dorothy’s closet because my mother’s name was Dorothy Douglas Patterson and over the years, she supplied clothes for many individuals in the community.

“That was kind of an untold secret in the community and we are just carrying on that ministry forward.”

For Allen, it is important to assist those in need in his congregation, but also to help those in the surrounding community. He says that’s one of the main purposes for the church.

“Going beyond the walls of the church is part of our mission in life,” he said. We want to make sure that we fulfill the ministry of Jesus. Many people don’t understand when He came here it wasn’t just to take care of bodies, but to make sure that people had food to eat as well.

“He said that we have to show the same love to everyone the same way that He did. This may sound scripted, but when I was hungry, you didn’t feed me, when I was naked, you didn’t clothe me, when I was in prison, you didn’t come to see me, so we don’t want that indictment on our church.”

Allen went on to talk about how those in need want to know if the church can feed or clothe them before they come in to worship with you.

“Before anyone can get saved or give their life to the Lord, they want to know ‘can you feed me’,” he said. “They may be hungry, or their stomach is growling, which means they can’t focus on a message when their stomach is growling.”

Allen’s vision is for the clothes closet and pantry to continue to grow in the years to come. They have clothes for men and women, with many of their items new or gently used.

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