Churches receive top-grade security training

Churches receive top-grade security training
April 21
00:00 2016
Photo by Tevin Stinson
Security expert Bobby Kimbrough Jr. discusses the importance of maintaining security in the place of worship during the “Plan, Prepare and Protect Safety and Security” course on Saturday, April 16.



Members of churches from around the Triad came together to find ways to boost security by creating security teams last weekend during the “Plan, Prepare and Protect Safety and Security” training workshop hosted by security expert Bobby Kimbrough Jr.

During the three-hour course, Kimbrough, one of the leading authorities on workplace and church security, discussed the importance of maintaining security in the place of worship and how security teams should be assembled and operate.

Anyone who knows Kimbrough knows that he is very passionate about protecting God’s people. He currently personally secures more than 180 nationally known bishops from all over the world and the prime minister of the Bahamas. The Winston-Salem native also is the head of security at Union Baptist Church located on Trade Street in Winston-Salem.

Kimbrough said he decided to host the training course because the church is often regarded as the cornerstone of the black community and it is important to protect that most powerful entity.

“We have to move from the untrained to the trained. That’s what I want to do here today,” Kimbrough said during the course.

Kimbrough also discussed protecting children, ensuring pastoral protection, dealing with disorderly people, determining liabilities, evacuation procedures, planning for incidents and threats, and how to create emergency plans.

It’s no secret that churches are generally open environments and therefore much more vulnerable to violent crimes than other controlled workplaces and institutions. Since 1999 over 622 violent deaths have occurred on church and faith-based properties.

During an interview with The Chronicle, Kimbrough said at any time and any moment something could happen.

“When the church is secure, the worship is secure,” he said. “Proper planning can stop a lot and prevent a lot of issues. It’s the small things that matter.”

Security directors from a number of churches both big and small said they dis-covered a lot of new tactics that will help create an atmosphere of security.

“I took a lot of things from the course here today,“ said Alex Neal, a member of Cornerstone Faith Ministries.

“The course covered the entire aspect of security,“ he said. “I will be implementing a number of things from the course at my church. “

While Neal was looking to build a security team to protect his church, others came to the workshop to get advice on how to improve security teams that are already in place.

Christian Robert Smith, a member of Greater Cleveland Avenue said although they have had a security team for a number of years, Kimbrough’s expertise will help take security to the next level.

“It was important to come here today to get more information and learn how to update what we are doing,” said Smith. “We want to make sure everything is in place and that we are doing this the right way.”

In coming months, Kimbrough will be hosting similar courses at venues along the East Coast.

Coordinator for the course, Denise A. Smith, said a lot of effort goes into planning the training. She also noted it is important to make sure that upon completion, attendees leave with the knowledge, information and confidence necessary to protect their places of worship.

“They say a vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision just passes time, but vision with action can change the world,” she said. “It’s a great feeling to be able to stand beside him and watch his vision become a reality.”

Smith mentioned that when Kimbrough conducts his training, he is in his element.

“He’s focused on one common goal. Safety and security in the worship place is no longer a need, it is a necessity!”

For more information on upcoming training workshops or scheduling a site visit/security consultation for your worship place, contact Denise A. Smith at 888-239-4775.

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