Cornerstone of Faith worships with family and friends

The congregation of Cornerstone of Faith gets into the groove during the praise and worship.

Cornerstone of Faith worships with family and friends
March 02
03:50 2017

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A big part of what makes a church is family and friends.  Cornerstone of Faith Ministries, at 2430 Farrington Point Drive, held their family and friends day this past Sunday, Feb. 26.  Members were encouraged to invite everyone to worship with them.

The service opened with a Scripture reading and the recognition of the guests that were invited by members.  The praise and worship portion of the service followed and brought everyone to their feet. Bishop G.L. Stephens led the praise and worship, which included singing.  The service also included singing from the Children’s Choir along with a ministry of mime from Alexis Pegues.

The church has been holding this special service for a few years, according to Pastor Debra Terry Stephens, Bishop Stephens’ wife.  Bishop Stephens says he loves to have this service to get the word out on what God has put in him to say.

“You know some churches go after people to get numbers and that kind of thing,” Bishop Stephens continued. “What I decided to do is just have people come to our church and experience what we do every Sunday.”

Stephens delivered the sermon for the service.  His sermon centered on how everyone is put on this earth for a particular reason.  He said you have to protect your greatness but don’t hoard it because it has to come out of you at some point.  But also warned everyone to not “fool around” and let your greatness go to waste.

“We were not born just to make it into heaven. Everyone has an assignment,” Stephens said.  “I think this is where we are in this season.  I believe we are in the season where God is pushing us to talk about what he has put inside you already.  We spend so much time trying to reach and grab stuff that we miss the stuff that’s already inside of us.”

“God has already intended for us to be great.  It’s a process to find exactly where you fit and what works in your life.  If you can tap into what your purpose is, it will make so many other things come to pass.”

Pastor Debra Stephens says she finds it “amazing” how Bishop Stephens goes through the process of talking to God and prays for the right words to deliver in his sermon.  She says it’s great to be under someone who takes time to “hear from God” so that he preaches a “timely and relateable” word.

Bishop Stephens says that not everyone has the same talent or follows the same path.  He says a relationship with God will allow you to clearly see what your path is.

“Those sermons grab people and they often say I needed to hear that today and not just one person but 10 or 20 people needed to hear that, whether they tell him or not,” Pastor Debra Stephens said.

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