COVID-19 necessitates changes to in-person court appearances

COVID-19 necessitates changes to  in-person court appearances
May 27
15:12 2020

By Paul James

Have you recently been charged with a criminal offense?

Is your first court date for this charge between now and June 30?

Would you like to avoid having to go to your first court date? (Just the first one only)

Due to the pandemic, we are trying to reduce the number of folks who must come to court, particularly just for initial administrative court dates.

If you meet the criteria above, you can skip your first court date by using our new on-line check-in and request for counsel process. You can also hire your own attorney if you wish before your first court date and your attorney can check in for you as well.

The District Attorney’s office can contact and negotiate with attorneys, whether hired or court appointed, who have checked in for clients prior to the court date. You can use the on-line check-in service even if you are not requesting a court-appointed attorney. To use the check in service please follow these directions below.

If you complete the form and submit it online, you will not be required to come in person to your first court date. Instead, you will be notified of your next court date and your attorney or the Clerk of Court will be in touch with you about your case. 

The on-line process can be accessed in the three ways listed below:

*From the Public Defender’s website:

*By directly entering this link on your Internet browser:

*If you do not have access to a computer or a smart phone to access the on-line form, please contact the Public Defender’s office and we will assist you over the phone. Call 336-779-6325.

If you have already hired an attorney, please ask them to check you in and contact the District Attorney’s office.

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