Editorial: Letters to the Editor (democracy, voting, & experience)

Editorial: Letters to the Editor (democracy, voting, & experience)
October 23
00:00 2014

No Excuses

To the Editor:

A participatory democracy demands active participation from its citizens. Voting is the primary means that we have to make our country “a more perfect union.” The right to vote has evolved over many years and struggles.

No matter what the Legislative Branch of government passes as laws to discourage or encourage us to go to the polls, as citizens we must be determined to vote – no excuses. No matter who sits on the Judicial Branch of our government, vote – no excuses. No matter who sits in the Executive Branch as president, vote – no excuses.

Our concept of a democracy rests entirely on our active participation. Vote – no excuses. Early voting starts Today (Oct. 23).

Fleming El-Amin

Experience matters

To the Editor:

Judgeships are not positions to be purchased, and a candidate should not be selected based on the size of his or her campaign account. When selecting the right candidate for the job, careful consideration must be given to the experience of each candidate. Intelligence, legal experience and temperament are the qualities that should be carefully examined when electing a judge, and after careful consideration, Valene Franco is the best choice to be Forsyth County’s next  District Court judge. ‎

Valene Franco has over a decade of experience practicing law right here in Forsyth County. Valene walked away from a lucrative career in private practice and entered the public interest field to provide quality legal representation to North Carolinians who can’t afford to hire an attorney.

For 15 years, Valene has invested her time, talent and treasure to make Forsyth County a better place for survivors of domestic violence, and I wholeheartedly endorse her as Forsyth County’s next district court judge. She is a selfless, servant leader who will work as diligently on the bench as she has during her years as a practicing attorney. ‎Valene is my colleague and my friend, and I’m asking you to make her Forsyth County’s next District Court Judge.

Takeisha R. Redd
Attorney at Law

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