Editorial: Before Obamacare? Not a good place

Editorial: Before Obamacare? Not a good place
January 12
05:45 2017

The Fayetteville Observer

The Republican Congress is trying to push ahead to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Democrats are trying to stall their efforts. They know how it was for Americans to be without health care before Obamacare. The problem is, Republicans don’t have anything to replace it with.

President Obama said in the beginning that the program is open for improvement. He even said during his farewell address on Tuesday that he would support another plan if it were a good one and helped people. Republicans should be trying to fix the program instead of repealing it.

The GOP supposedly had plans to replace Obamacare and they passed the plans, but President Obama vetoed them. Where are those plans now when at least one surely would be signed by a President Trump?

Why don’t the Republicans have ideas to help Americans? Because they are too busy trying to hurt Americans and help themselves.

We hope we won’t have to go back to the times before Obamacare. Even hospitals have been petitioning Republicans to replace Obamacare and and not leave us stranded.

It’s time to move forward, not backward. But that could be said about so much the Republicans are doing now.

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