Editorial: Primary

Editorial: Primary
September 12
00:00 2013

Voters like the road the city is headed down. They showed Tuesday that they want no detours.

All the incumbents who had primary election contests won easily. For some, like Mayor Allen Joines, who trounced Democratic challenger Gardenia Henley, their primary wins assure them another four years, as they face no challengers in November’s General Election. In all honesty, the other incumbents face only compulsory opposition in the fall. The contest between Democrat Jeff MacIntosh and Republican Lida Hayes-Calvert for the open Northwest Ward seat should be interesting, though.

This primary showed that the young-bucks — Southeast Ward rep James Taylor and the East Ward’s Derwin Montgomery — have some staying power and have done much in their first terms to endear themselves to their constituents.

It also showed that the classics never go out of style. Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian Burke handily won and is poised for a 10th term, although some had predicted her demise.




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