Editorial- Tweet it: We’re making Black History

Editorial- Tweet it: We’re making Black History
March 03
00:00 2016

Although Black History month is over, we still should be studying Black History.

Acknowledging individuals is fine, but we need to study Black History with emphasis on the history. We need to study strides African-Americans have made over the course of time. That could help us now, as we make Black History.

Look at what African-Americans are doing:

*In South Carolina, African-Americans came out in droves – more than 80 percent –to support Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, showing political muscle.

*In North Carolina, at least nine African-Americans are running for statewide offices in the Democratic primary. Ken Spaulding, who has been endorsed by The Chronicle and the Winston-Salem Journal, is running for governor. (Will African-Americans in this state come out to vote like they did in South Carolina?)

*President Obama, the first African-American president in the almost 240 years of the United States of America, was voted into office for two terms on the strength of African-Americans, whose forefathers mostly were slaves. Now, President Obama has the chance to appoint a U.S. Supreme Court Justice that could be an African-American woman, which would make more Black History. If that person is Loretta Lynch, that would make North Carolina history as well.

African-Americans have weathered the storms America has thrown at us. We are still here. We are facing new storms. Are we ready?

Our forefathers fought so hard to get and keep the right to vote.  Why did they have to do that when the 15th Amendment gives us African-American men the right to vote and the 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote? Why are we fighting over this now, in the 21st century?

The amendments have been presented with this editorial for you to savor. We are Americans. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make Black History. Now, go tweet that!


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