Flag Football league in our own backyard

Camel City Flag Football League runs several leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

Flag Football league in our own backyard
July 11
01:10 2019

American football is the most popular sport in America. People can’t wait until the fall to get their football fix. For those who still enjoy getting out the field for some fun, the Camel City Flag Football league might be right up your alley.

Camel City is a 5 on 5 flag football league that was started in 2017 by Jakob Black, league director. The league began as a means to bring flag football back to the city, but it evolved into much more, said Black. It is a contact league that allows blocking and some hitting, which attracts players who are used to the physicality of the sport.

“We started out as more of just a recreation, kind of trying to get flag football back in Winston-Salem,” Black said. “Flag football stopped around 2012 here and once we got started from there, we slowly built and got to know the community of flag football more.

“We stared pulling guys from Raleigh, Charlotte and even a team that comes from Wilmington. We have gotten pretty well known, but we have stuck to the five on five, which is a pretty popular format in flag football.”

Black tossed around several ideas trying to come up with a name for the league. He did not want to mimic any other sports leagues, so he chose Camel City.

“I thought about what we could call the league that represents Winston-Salem, but hasn’t been taken already,” he said. “I thought about Twin City, but that was taken already and associated with soccer.  Winston-Salem kind of affiliates with the old flag football league and I want guys to know this is new, so I thought about another name and I thought of Camel City.”

Black is very up to date with the promotion of his league. They keep statistics, pictures and run highlights of the games on the leagues’ social media pages. He receives a lot of positive feedback from the teams in the league.

“We do different things for the players that a lot of other leagues don’t do,” he continued. “We have heard a lot of great things from our players and we continue to try and make the league better.”

Dallas Steelman has been with the league since its inception. He has seen it grow from its humble beginnings to one of the best flag football leagues in the area.

“I started playing with my friend Matt Morton, who assembled what is now the team that I play for, and the talent level since 2017 has skyrocketed,” said Steelman. “The teams that we play with and the amount of experience that have come along since then is amazing to see in just a two-year period.

“I have made so many friends in a short period of time and I have been able to meet people from so many different places as I travel around and play. The camaraderie is great, it’s not always nice on the field, but when you come off everyone is cool with one another.”

Many of the players, including Steelman, have played the game from the Pop Warner level all the way to college. This league gives them an outlet to still be involved with the game.  

Even though Black is a fan of the sport, he does not participate in the league, because he wants to remain unbiased as the director. He enjoys the competitive nature of the players.

“The thing I enjoy the most is the brotherhood that is being built out here,” he said. “You will see them scream and shout at one another on the field, but we all get to know each other and our families, but we all talk outside of here. It’s not just football, it’s a family atmosphere as well.”

For those interested in participating in the league, visit their Facebook page at Camel City Flag Football or visit their website at The league is open to all ages above 18 and all skill levels as well.

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