Flapjacks & Funnies fundraiser supports local non-profit

Participants were served all-you-can-eat pancakes and bacon during the event.

Flapjacks & Funnies fundraiser supports local non-profit
April 04
01:10 2019

Community and kids are the first words that come to mind when thinking about Brittany Ward and her HOOPZ4L.Y.F.E. (H4L) non-profit organization. H4L held their annual Flapjacks & Funnies fundraiser at Bibs Downtown restaurant last Saturday.

The proceeds of the event are going toward operational costs of the non-profit for their summer program. Ward says she connected with Robert Moreau, part owner of Bibs Downtown, because he was passionate about the things she was doing in the community and wanted to lend a helping hand.

“We are getting ready to gear up for our 10-week summer enrichment program, so this will help to take care of some of the things for the kids,” said Ward. “One major benefit is that this allows us to keep the cost low for the parents, so we can keep our program afloat.”

The event was geared toward young and older individuals alike. There were pancakes and bacon (pork and turkey), music and even stand-up comedy provided to those who came out to participate.

Mars was one of the comedians that performed Saturday. Ward connected with him through social media. She reached out to him and he brought out other comics to perform during the event.

“When she (Ward) told me the foundation of it, giving back to the community so the kids can see something positive from it, I immediately wanted to be a part of that,” said Mars. “I always support that, because when it comes to change in the community, it starts with the kids.

“Ultimately when they grow up, they will be the adults who run the community, so that is why I wanted to be a part of it,” he continued.

Ward was appreciative of those who came out to support her event. Her goal is to continue to expand her reach to help the impoverished youth of the city, along with their families.

“I need the city to rally behind me and support those who are doing something from inside Winston-Salem,” she said. “I am definitely working on that impact to create the change I want to see, but I can’t do it alone, it’s going to come from help of the community.

“The community stepped up in a major way by being out here, coming out to this event on a Saturday to support us is a major boost for us.”

Ward said she just wants to continue to connect people with the resources they need so they can put themselves and their families in a better position. “I just want to organize and mobilize the people and I am thankful they are choosing to go through HOOPZ4L.Y.F.E. to do those things,” she said.

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