For Seniors Only! : Why Consignment Shops are Good for the Senior Brain!

For Seniors Only! :  Why Consignment Shops  are Good for the Senior Brain!
September 05
00:00 2014

By Bev Hamel

Call it a neuropsychological thing, but the truth is our possessions pleasure us. The fact is that most human beings delight in being pack rats.

We become attached to items and are reluctant to part with them because our brain waves fail to transmit pain unless stored boxes fall out of the closet and on our heads.

Consider this separation factor as having a senior moment. The problem is that once we have achieved the age when we begin to receive notices from AARP in our mail box, we have already changed the décor of our homes a half of dozen times, lost and gained poundage we do not want to remember, gone through clothing styles that are now considered trendy, hidden an assortment of unused presents from years gone by in storage boxes, along with the wedding gifts that were never used. While most of us do not carry hording to extremes, we inevitably find ourselves outgrowing our spaces.

E HSubsequently, consignment shops which have been around for decades have become an American way of life. Once upon a time many snobby shoppers would never dream of purchasing second hand goods but now do gleefully and guilt free. It is a brainless process because recycling is not only trendy, but puts money back into your pockets in order for you to purchase more possessions. This also supports our locally-owned consignment shops and keeps our home fires burning.

Call it instant gratification because you can feel and touch the item, try it on, or as in furniture and other home furnishings, know exactly how the piece will fit in your own environment.

Fortunately the Winston-Salem area has a wide variety of consignment shops for both the consignor and savvy shopper. Each shop has a different style but most offer a boutique or unique shopping experience. There is no hard or fast rule to shopping in a consignment store with the exception that if you like it and it fits all your criteria as well as budget – buy it, as the chance that the item will still be there the next time around – it probably won’t.

On the other hand, if you are considering consigning merchandise there are a few rules.
Always visit the shop first. This way you will know if your merchandise will fit in well with what the shop sells.

All items to be consigned must be cleaned and in good repair.

Items, particularly clothing, must be in season.
Shops typically will pay the consignor 40% to 60% of the sale. Selling days can range up to 90 days with regular markdowns during this time.

Read the consignment shop’s rules carefully and ask questions if needed.
Remember, consignment shops will help you keep your brain healthy, happy and your home clutter free so that you may purchase new possessions to fill your empty spaces!

Bev Hamel is a recovered corporate exec turned author, freelance writer, antique shop owner, chochkalolic and Yorkshire Terrier collector. She lives above her shop with one husband, one daughter and five Yorkie puppies in training.

Antiques in Bethania
5530 Main St, Bethania  (336) 924-1316

Aristocrat Alley At the Bethania Mill
5455 Bethania Rd, Bethania  (336) 922-0374

Black Dog Vintage Store
6770 Shallowford Rd, Lewisville  (336) 793-7579

Consignment Furniture
599 South Stratford Rd, W-S  (336) 765-5053

Cricket’s Nest Hand Crafted Consignments
**Consignors must be 55 or older
4401 Country Club Rd, W-S (336) 659-4315

etc. Consignments
690 Jonestown Road, W-S (336) 659-7786

Hand Picked Consignments
Reynolda Manor, W-S (336) 924-3755

Laster’s Fine Art & Antiques
664 S Stratford Rd, W-S (336) 765-5915

Little A’s Children Resale
255050 W Clemmonsville Rd, W-S (336) 602-2924

SASS Consignment Boutique
3281 Robinhood Rd, W-S (336) 306-5888

Snob Shop Consignment Shop
465 W End Blvd, W-S (336) 724-2547

The Closet
Bethania Station Rd, W-S (336) 922-5956

Treasures Consignment Shop
50 Miller Street, W-S (336) 722-2434

Treasures Décor Consignments
110 Westwood Village Dr, Clemmons (336) 306-9341

Yours Truly Consignments
835 Reynolda Rd, W-S    (336) 659-9100

Plato’s Closet (buys only)
600 Hanes Mill Blvd, W-S (336) 659-2924

Once Upon A Child (buys only)
608 Hanes Mall Blvd, W-S (336) 768-9100

Uptown Cheapskate (buys only)
3262 Silas Creek Pkwy, W-S (336) 768-4500

*** Note: If I have left anyone’s favorite shop out, please accept my apology!


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