Former college basketball coach to hold book signing

Coach Cyrus Alexander has been in the coaching field for nearly 40 years.

Former college basketball coach to hold book signing
December 07
10:45 2018

Former coaching great, Cyrus Alexander, will soon embark on a tour to promote his book “Beyond the Backboard.” Alexander had his first signing at his former coaching stop, South Carolina State University, but wanted to have a signing in his hometown of Winston-Salem.

He will make two appearances in Winston-Salem, Dec. 22 at Twin City Hive Coffee Lounge and Dec. 23 at Grace Presbyterian Church, following the Sunday service. 

Alexander says he has received some great feedback from those who have had a chance to read the book. He said he hopes his “David vs Goliath” story will inspire people in and out of the world of sports.

“The book talks about the various obstacles that I had to navigate and maneuver and sometimes think outside of the box to be successful at HBCUs, basically my entire career,” said Alexander. 

The book was therapy for Alexander due to his mother and wife passing within a four-month time frame in 2014, he said.  He said it also gave him the opportunity to chronicle his life and career, while giving back to the young guys in the coaching profession.

Alexander says his former players and assistants will see that he was listening to them and really cared about them, once they read the book.  He feels they will see that he had their best interest at heart with every decision he made.

“I talk about the pros and cons of college athletics, the business side that you have to learn as a coach when you are at the level that I was for most of my career,” he said.

Going forward, Alexander plans to visit Nashville, Tenn., Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. 

When it comes to jumping back into the world of coaching, Alexander said if the right opportunity came about, he would “definitely consider it.  I am mentally and physically healthy now,” he said.

In the forward of Alexander’s book, he included quotes from some of the biggest names in college basketball.  He said it feels good to be respected by his peers.

“I tried for 40 years to carry myself in a first class, professional manner and I tried to act a way that would automatically gain respect from people,” he said.  “I always carried myself in a first-class manner knowing I was representing myself, my family and my institution.”

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