Forsyth County Missionary Union uses Bible Bowl to teach

Forsyth County Missionary Union uses Bible Bowl to teach
October 29
00:00 2015

Above:Youth missionaries compete in a Bible Bowl at the Forsyth County Missionary Union monthly meeting on Sunday, Oct. 25. (Photos by Timothy Ramsey)

By Timothy Ramsey
For The Chronicle

When the Forsyth County Missionary Union met for its monthly meeting, it was full of questions.

The highlight of the meeting was the Bible Bowl, which matched youth from different churches against one another in a Jeopardy-style quiz game.

The winner of the event on Sunday Oct. 25 at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church was the host church of Friendship Baptist. The Bible Bowl has been an annual part of the Missionary Union for over 25 years.

“It was a great event, everyone took a positive message, and learned a lot about Jesus,” said Youth Missionary President James Huntley.

He said he wanted to become president of the Youth Missionary Union “because it’s a positive organization that deals with kids my age and younger, and I’ve seen the officers and they seem to be great role models for youth trying to make a positive change in the world.”

Joycelyn Johnson, who was the moderator for the Bible Bowl said, “We looked at ways to try and encourage the young people to do team building, assist with conflict resolution, and more importantly to help with the opportunity to do religious Christian development.”

The seniors competed in their own Bible Bowl competition. Mars Hill Baptist Church was the winner. “We encouraged the seniors to work along with the young people and to get them to think outside of the box.” said Johnson about the Bible Bowl.

The Missionary Union is made up of individuals from Baptist churches throughout Forsyth County. The union fellowships with one another, and are involved with missions within individual churches and the community, as well as philanthropic endeavors throughout Forsyth County. They are also connected with the Lott Carey Foreign Mission, which held its annual convention at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro in August.

The meeting commenced with the youth holding their monthly gathering led by Forsyth County Youth Missionary President James Huntley. There was recognition of the day’s visitors from other churches, announcements were read, and an offering was given.

Following the youth, the seniors started their meeting, which touched on many projects and community events around Forsyth County, such as a forum on domestic violence at Red Bank Baptist church in Winston Salem on Nov. 14. Also, the Williams Adult Day Center, which helps the elderly who are dealing with dementia, sent a special thank you for the $500 donation from the Missionary Union. The Day Center used the funds to purchase books to inform individuals how to assist loved ones dealing with dementia.

“We care for the members within our church, and the Scripture does say that charity, which is love, caring, and action does start at home,” said Ether Joe, Missionary president of Friendship Baptist, when speaking about assisting a member dealing with a personal tragedy. “There is a great coming together to follow Christ’s Great Commission for us to go out and spread his gospel not only in word but in action,” Joe said when speaking of the Missionary Union.

The next Missionary meeting will take place on Nov. 22 at Zion Memorial Baptist Church, which is located at 101 N. Dunleith Ave. in Winston Salem.

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