Friends and family honor Ben Piggott

Friends and family honor Ben Piggott
December 14
03:30 2017

Ben Piggott, former senior supervisor of the Carl H. Russell Sr. Community Center, retired from the Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks Department on Nov. 30.  A celebration was held in his honor at the Enterprise Center, 1922 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on Dec. 9 to honor his dedication to the city.

Family, friends, former co-workers and fraternity brothers filled the room to pay their respects to Piggott.  The crowd arrived early and surprised Piggott as he was escorted into the venue to enjoy the festivities.

“Man, I was surprised, blown away and I was amazed,” Piggott said.  “I felt blessed because I really appreciate the faces I saw because a lot of those faces were with me during my years with the city.”

“Many of those people that I saw in that room were with me during the time I dealt with children.  It was good to have people there that naturally care about you.  I appreciate the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma for helping to put this together.”

Reginald McCaskill, special event coordinator for the Delta Sigma chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., said it was an honor to be a part of the planning for Piggott because of the impact he has made on the city.

“Over the years, he has been a mentor and stronghold for youth and young adults throughout the city of Winston-Salem and he will surely be missed,” McCaskill said.  “His shoes will be hard to fill as far as what he provided, and that is something he was born with, which is his spirit of giving and giving back to the community.”

Daniel Crudup, president of the Delta Sigma chapter, added, “Brother Ben has been a staple in the community, mentoring kids and letting them know that they can achieve their goals and dreams.  He has definitely represented our chapter very well with the works he has done, so this is the least we could do to thank him for everything he has done.”

After the initial surprise of the moment, Piggott gave his thanks to all of those in attendance.  Following the greetings, everyone sat down to fellowship while enjoying a bite to eat. Individuals then gave their heartfelt warm wishes to Piggott as they reminisced about their experiences with him.

“Ben Piggott has been a role model for a lot of young people who don’t have a father figure and a brother to others,” said Shawn Hawkins, member of the Delta Sigma chapter of Phi Beta Sigma.  “I am just glad to have this opportunity to put this together for him because it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t.”

An emotional Piggott then went around the room and individually thanked everyone who came to celebrate him.  He says he appreciates all of the people coming out to share their stories.  He felt the night was not all about him but instead “elevates God and shows His greatness.”

“I didn’t know that it was that kind of love people had for me,” said Piggott.   “My heart got heavy and I was trying to hold back tears and I am very humbled, and I give God the praise.”

Piggott pledged that he will continue to be a presence at the Carl H. Russell Sr. Center by continuing to lead the Sittercise class along with coming back for his special programs such as the Peace Toys for War Toys and Bingo for Turkeys.  He says he will also take time to enjoy things he has wanted to do for years.

“One of the things I would like to do is to visit the Gullah Islands because that was the beginning of a lot of our people when they were shipped from Africa,” he said.  “I want to go there and then come back and also get a little relaxation as well.”

Steve Grimes is one of Piggott’s long time friends.  He flew in from the state of Texas just to participate in the celebration.  He pledged his commitment to Peace Toys for War toys by using his connections to have dozens of toys donated to the cause.

“Ben is the type of person that helps you become a better person yourself,” Grimes said.  “What he does in the community motivates you to do things.  We have become friends because of these children out here in need and with that said, if you can save one kid, he will be an example for others to follow.”

“I don’t think he will exactly retire. He will be stronger than he has ever been.  We are going to continue this fight and I love that brother with all my heart and I see that everyone here does as well.”

The evening closed with special presentations and gifts presented to Piggott.  He was at a loss for words because he says “this was totally unexpected, but I am grateful for this experience.”

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