Golf tournament raises funds for organizations

Golf tournament raises funds for organizations
August 09
01:00 2018

Fundraising is crucial for many youth and nonprofit organizations to stay afloat.  On Aug. 25, a tournament will be held at the Meadowlands golf course to raise funds for the Winston-Salem Stealers, Twin City Jazz and Triad Trackers basketball programs.

This is the ninth year the tournament will be held to raise funds for the various organizations.  This year’s special guest in the tournament will be Jim Caldwell, former Wake Forest University head coach and former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and the Detroit Lions.  Each team participating in the tournament will have the opportunity to play a hole with Caldwell.

“Alvin [Robinson] came to me around 2007 or 2008 with the idea, and we had it approved by the board,” said Brian Robinson, head coach of the Stealers, Jazz and Trackers programs.  “I wasn’t sure I was going to do it the first year because it was late in the season, but Alvin put things together like Alvin does, and it was a success.”

“It grew double the next year and we had a few celebrities come out over the years.  Our sponsors have also been very supportive throughout the years and it has been a really nice event to cap off our spring and summer seasons.”

Coach Brian Robinson says the tournament has been a big help to the program over the years by allowing them to grow the program numbers wisely.  He stated the tournament has also allowed the programs to invest in more equipment for the players.

Alvin Robinson, golf tournament organizer, stated he enjoys being a part of this event year after year.  All three of his daughters have been through the Stealers AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) programs over the years.

“This is about the kids and helping kids is one of my strong beliefs,” said Alvin Robinson.  “The golf tournament is a happy moment but a hard happy moment because I stay focused for about six months just on this event.  After the tournament, it’s great to see everything you have accomplished.”

The Triad Trackers are a wheelchair basketball team that coach Robinson has coached since 2013.  Since taking over as coach, he has led them to the national tournament twice in the past five seasons. 

This is the second year the Trackers organization has been connected with the golf tournament.  Dean Smith, Trackers player, says the funds raised during the tournament will help with the purchase of wheelchairs for playing in along with a van to help transport equipment to games.

“This tournament has been very beneficial and every dollar we raise throughout the season helps provide parts for our wheelchairs, pays for referees and traveling expenses,” said Smith. 

“All of these things help our nonprofit organization operate each year,” he continued.  “Without the generosity of our community and people such as Alvin putting these events together, then we would not be able to continue playing the sport.”

The two Robinsons say they are thankful for sponsors such as Dan Mocksinger, owner of Cahill & Swain clothing, for their continued support. 

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