Hoopers showcase talent in nationwide event

Julius Reese Jr., Tyler Bailey, Chaz Gwyn, Isaiah Wilkins

Hoopers showcase talent in nationwide event
May 24
04:00 2018

Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) is one of the premier youth development leagues in the country. Earlier this May elite ball players from the CP3 basketball organization participated in the EYBL event in Atlanta, which brought together some of the best talent from around the nation.

Two high schoolers, Isaiah Wilkins of Mt. Tabor and Chaz Gwyn of Winston-Salem Prep along with middle school standouts Julius Reece Jr. and Tyler Bailey of Southeast Middle School are four of the players in the organization and some of the best players in the county in their age group.

All four young men recently sat down with The Chronicle to speak about their experience at the EYBL. They all shared their unique perspectives playing with some of the best talent the sport has to offer.

Wilkins and Gwyn competed with the 17 and under group. Wilkins, who is headed to Hargrave Military Academy in the fall, and Gwyn, coming off of a state championship with Prep, were looking to improve aspects of their game heading into their upcoming seasons.

“It was a good experience playing against the top players in the nation because they will always come at you with their best” said Wilkins. “After playing down there I know I need to work on my defense more and finishing at the basket.”

Gwyn added, “It was great seeing everyone and meeting new people and new friends. A lot of teams know I can shoot the ball so working on getting to the basket was one thing I can work on going forward.”

Reese, who is heading to Glenn High in the fall, and Bailey, who will be one of the most sought after eighth graders next year, said they wanted to soak up the experience of playing with such good ball players. The young men actually played with an older age group, which they say will benefit them once they begin playing with their respective teams next season.

“The EYBL was great even though we were playing up and I think it will make us better,” said Bailey. “I think I need to work on my shooting range and getting to the basket more.”

“EYBL was a good experience because it was a lot of great competition down there,” Reese added. “Playing against such good competition makes you play even harder and getting to the basket and playing better defense are the things it showed I need to work on.”

Bailey and Reese says playing against the older competition made them elevate their games even more. They felt it made them step up and play to the best of their ability.

Gwyn and Wilkins have participated in EYBL events in the past and say the competition is so stiff they have no choice but to go all out.

“It’s nothing like playing against that kind of competition because those guys are tougher, faster and bigger than what we see from around the city,” said Gwyn.
“They are the best around because it’s mostly guys that are will be going to college, so it really prepares you for the next level,” Wilkins said.

With Wilkins preparing to head off to prep school, he says he wants to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance his game because of the standard that Hargrove has set over the years. Gwyn echoed Wilkins’ statements as he will be one of the main guns for the Phoenix next season, bringing with him much needed senior leadership.

Reese and Bailey were a deadly one-two combination for Southeast Middle last season. Bailey says he knows he will have to lead the team by becoming more aggressive on the court and showing more tenacity. As an incoming freshman Reese feels he has to continue to prepare himself for the upcoming rigors of playing with older and bigger competition on the high school level.

In total the CP3 organization had five teams participate in the EYBL tournament in Atlanta. They all had good showings and continue to climb the ranks as one of the best youth basketball programs in the country.

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