Church of the Year: Ishi Pentecostal Temple

Church of the Year:   Ishi Pentecostal Temple
March 28
00:00 2013

Church of the Year

Ishi Pentecostal Temple Church is small in size but humongous in the Holy Spirit. Its mission to win over souls is achieved by spreading God’s love to those who need it the most.

The East Winston church is led by Elder Patrick Usher and his lovely wife, Marviette. They have guided their flock in creating an evolving ministry that aims to transform believers from the inside out.

PUSH for Family Enrichment, the Ushers’ nonprofit, has taken the city’s homeless population under its wing. The spirit-filled empowerment workshops offered by PUSH have given hope, motivation and inspiration to a countless number of men and women and have been the catalyst for many of them to change their lives.

To show participants that they are “unique, beautifully and wonderfully-made” creations of a Phenomenal God, First Lady Usher uses her skills as a beauty consultant to organize makeovers for workshop graduates, giving those who have rarely felt beautiful or worthy a chance to see themselves at their very best.

Such good deeds are what Elder Usher feels he was compelled to do since he began preaching God’s Word as a child in his living room, with only his brothers, sisters, cousins and friends as his audience. He has now preached around the world, but it is at Ishi where he has been able to put the plan given to him by God into action.

For showing that a church doesn’t have to be mega in size to do mega good deeds, The Chronicle and the community are proud to honor Ishi Pentecostal Temple as The Church of the Year.

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