Jacksonville Jaguars waste 2018 season

Jacksonville Jaguars waste 2018 season
December 07
10:35 2018

The Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 season has been one of the biggest disappointments in recent history.  After an appearance in the AFC Championship game last season, the Jags seemed poised for a breakout season. Boy, was I wrong.

The Jags currently have a record of 3-8 on the season. They got off to a hot start, winning three out of their first four games, but have lost seven games in a row. Their defense, which was supposed to be their calling card, has not looked like the same defense that dominated last season.

It is obvious to anyone who knows football, that the biggest problem with Jacksonville is their quarterback Blake Bortles. Bortles was drafted third overall in the 2014 draft, out of the University of Central Florida, but has never matured into the franchise quarterback the team hoped.

Bortles had an above average season in 2015, throwing for 35 touchdowns and 4428 yards. Since then, his numbers have continually dipped every season afterwards. I think Jacksonville was hoping that Bortles could have a season like 2015 that could propel them to the Super Bowl.

I really have a problem with the wait-and-see approach Jacksonville has taken regarding their quarterback situation.  Outside of the Patriots, teams have such a small window to try and win a Super Bowl. With such a great defense, I feel the Jags have wasted a golden opportunity this season by holding on to Bortles.

If the Jags were smart, they would have made a move during the off season to address their need at quarterback.  They could have gone after several signal callers such as Alex Smith, Joe Flacco or even Teddy Bridgewater, just to name a few.

Tom Coughlin is the executive vice-president of football operations for the Jaguars. As a former Super Bowl winning head coach, Coughlin should know the value of the quarterback position. Coughlin had to deal with the question marks surrounding Eli Manning his last few years in New York, so I am really confused as to why he did not have a backup plan.

I am certain that they will have to do something about their quarterback situation this upcoming off season. The window for Jacksonville is going to continue to shrink and I would hate for the fans to be denied a chance at a Super Bowl title.

As a fan of the Washington Redskins, I have had to deal with years of incompetent play at the quarterback position. With a stout defense like Jacksonville has, having the right person under center can take them over the top.

For me personally, I just hate to see a solid team  in all phases of the game, but they are missing the most important piece. Hopefully, the front office will get it right and get the right quarterback to lead the team so they can reach their full potential. That would be a great sight to see.

The players seemed to have given up on this season. I would hate to see players jump ship after this year because they did not have faith in the team.

Come on Jacksonville, great defenses don’t come along that often.

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