Jamboree gives coaches a look at their teams, competition

Glenn High School's JV team takes a knee after its first scrimmage.

Jamboree gives coaches a look at their teams, competition
August 18
06:15 2016

Photo by Timothy Ramsey



The Newbridge Bank Invitational Jamboree at Mt. Tabor High School featured a number of Forsyth County High School Varsity and Junior Varsity teams along with other teams from surrounding counties.  Glenn, Reagan and of course Mt. Tabor were among the Junior Varsity teams from Forsyth County.  They were joined by Northwest Guilford, Central Davidson, West Stokes and East Davidson High Schools.

The Jamboree was a way for the players to scrimmage playing against athletes from a different school in a controlled environment.  Each team was given 10 plays to run against the other teams defense and then they were to switch.  Each team during the scrimmage were given two sets of 10 plays on offense and defense.

Each team was set to play two scrimmages to give their coaches things they could look for to improve upon as well as positives they can reinforce during practice. Every coach was into the game as if it were the playoffs and showed a lot of intensity.

Tiesuan Brown, JV head coach for Mt. Tabor, said, “At Mt. Tabor, we always expect to be good on both teams. The last two years we have won 17 games with three losses and I want to keep that good tradition going.  We have several good freshmen that came in this year with a lot of talent and we are looking forward to having a great season.

“I am very pleased with what we have and what we did.  We have a lot of skilled players and we have a hard hitting defense,” Brown went on to say.

Reagan’s JV team first scrimmaged West Stokes High.  Reagan seemed to have trouble moving the football on their first set of plays but seemed to get into rhythm once the defense made its presence known.  On their second set of offensive plays, they were able to run and pass the ball with some regularity.

Glenn faced off against Central Davidson. Their defense really stepped up and stifled the Central Davidson offense.  JV Head Coach Stephen Herring Jr. was very pleased with the performance of his team, but knows he has some wrinkles to work out.

“I think we got better and we took a step forward. There is always things we can improve on,” said Herring.  “We missed a few alignment and assignment type stuff, but we definitely got a little better this first session and I want to get a little bit better the next session.”

Herring stated he wanted to work on the snap count and where his players were lined up during the second scrimmage.  He stated that he knows that they are a young football team but the mistakes they made are correctable.  He said they are looking to just have the guys play with heart and fire off the ball.

The stands were packed with family, friends and classmates of the players. Daryl and DiNina Napper, parents of Daniel Napper, who plays middle linebacker for the Glenn High JV team have already watched two sons go through high school and on to the collegiate level. They were happy with their son’s, and the team’s, performance overall.

“I saw a lot of team building activity out there and guys working together,” Mr. Napper said. “They are just young and I think they performed well offensively and defensively with the scheme that they have. If they perfect the scheme, they will be all right.”

Mrs. Napper added she was very proud of her son and looks forward to the team playing well this year.

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