Kaepernick apparently not good enough


Kaepernick apparently not good enough
December 20
00:15 2018

Injuries are a major part of the National Football League.  Some teams have more than others, but when a starting quarterback gets hurt, it can derail an entire season.  There have been several quarterbacks to get injured this season and many of their backups have not faired too well, which led me to question why Colin Kaepernick has not even received an invitation to work out for a team.

I understand this topic has been covered multiple times over the past two years.  But as I looked around the league at the backup quarterbacks that have had to step into the role as starters, I began to see the subpar play from these second-string players. 

As I have long stated, Kaepernick is no longer a top 20 quarterback in this league, but he is better than what I have seen from backups on several teams.  This point could not have been displayed any clearer than when my Washington Redskins trotted out Mark Sanchez as their starter against the New York Giants.

The Redskins opening day starter was Alex Smith.  Smith suffered a broken leg in the third quarter of the game against the Houston Texans on Nov. 18.  The team was then put in the hands of long-time backup Colt McCoy.

McCoy has been with the Skins for several years and is very familiar with the scheme and coaching staff.  While playing against the Philadelphia Eagles, McCoy suffered a fractured right fibula in the second quarter, ending his season as well.

Washington started the season with only two quarterbacks on their active roster.  When Smith went down, the team decided to bring in Sanchez the week of the Thanksgiving game against the Dallas Cowboys.  After McCoy was injured, they decided to bring in Josh Johnson, yes, I said Josh Johnson, as the backup to Sanchez.

This is where I started to question the motives of the Washington front office.  Sanchez obviously can’t play in this league as he was benched against the Giants after falling behind 40-0.  Sanchez could only muster 38 yards through three quarters, while also throwing two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown.

Johnson replaced Sanchez and played fairly well in garbage time.  But for anyone who knows the game of football, once a team has a decisive lead in the fourth quarter, they play a soft coverage scheme to not allow any big plays over the top of the defense. So yes, Johnson was able to accumulate some yards late in the fourth quarter.

Before the game against the Giants, it had been nearly 7 years since Johnson had completed a pass in the NFL.  I am in no way trying to disparage Johnson or his skills, but you can’t tell me that Kaepernick was not worth a look in this situation. 

Even now that the Skins have seen that Sanchez is not a capable backup, why not call Kaepernick and at least give him a work out to see what he has left.  I have seen nothing but excuses from the Washington front office as to why they decided to “go in a different direction.” 

If the object is to win games, then you must bring in the best players available to do so.

Kaepernick has stated he is continually working out in hopes of getting a call.  He also recently said he would be willing to play for Washington if given the chance.  What’s the holdup?

Let’s not forget that Kaepernick was one play away from being a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  He also took the 49ers to two straight NFC Championship games.  Please tell me what accomplishments Johnson has that would make someone say he is a “better fit” as the Redskins claim.

I have defended the team for years over their idiotic moves and draft picks, as well as the asinine free agent signings, but this takes the cake for me.  I really felt the Redskins would do the right thing in this case.  I just feel he at least deserves a tryout and if he fails, he fails.  But at least give the man his shot to fail.  He did not commit a crime, but merely expressed his First Amendment rights, yet he is treated worse than players who have been charged and convicted of domestic violence or worse, let that sink in for a moment.

I expected better from my hometown team.  I guess it’s better to be a domestic abuser, rather than a person who kneels, according to the NFL standard.  That’s not a standard I want to live up to.

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