Kennedy Learning Center holds teacher/staff ‘family reunion’

On Oct. 15, several educators from Kennedy Learning Center met at Carolina Ale House for a "family reunion."

Kennedy Learning Center holds teacher/staff ‘family reunion’
November 03
13:39 2022

A school is just a building; education is the combination of the state curriculum and a group of people who come together and work their magic to engage the student’s bright minds before them. The impact they make is priceless.  

 The team of the original Kennedy Learning Center (KLC) that served as an alternative middle school for youth who experienced various challenges in multiple areas of their lives, believed that all youth held the potential to have a productive life when provided the opportunity. KLC staff created a culture of care, support, love, fun, and community that formed an everlasting bond, which is why you would constantly hear and feel the warmth when anyone mentioned the KLC Family. “We are a family” was more than a phrase; it is still the reality of the relationships that were forged through dedicated service that blossomed under the leadership of Bertha Caldwell from 2003-2010. “Relationships! Relationships! Relationships!” was the foundation of Kennedy Learning Center under her leadership, which led to her being named the 2008 Wachovia Principal of the Year in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools district. 

Have you ever heard of a school teacher/staff reunion? Well, you are about to for the first time ever because the KLC family decided to reunite once again following the pandemic. There is a Japanese proverb – “Teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.” 

On Saturday, Oct. 15, one of the most innovative, cohesive, and dedicated group of educators met at the Carolina Ale House in Winston-Salem to celebrate the leadership of Dr. Bertha Caldwell, the efforts of teachers, support  staff and communal relationships that improved the community. The school as it was is no longer an alternate middle school for struggling students housing Leap, Gateway Prep, Millenium, and the ESL Academy. The former teachers and staff reunited to have lunch, fellowship and remember the great times that we had working as a school to help students and their parents get their lives back in order after some event in life caused them to struggle in school.  

Joy permeated the air as a former KLC student served as our waitress for our group. Stories were shared regarding years passed as photos were taken to capture the magical KLC Teacher/Staff  Family Reunion. 

The big finale before dessert was the honoring of Principal Mrs. Bertha Caldwell, who led us in leadership as a “family” serving the community with joy, compassion and understanding. A circle of  love was formed following a group photo and everyone told the great tales of Kennedy and the victories within self, school and the community that were won due to the leadership and teaching of Mrs. Caldwell and support of each other. 

Now the seeds of her nourishment have blossomed to create gardens of their own. Jacques Barzun once said, “In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.”  Yet, Kennedy saw fruit instantly because of the magic that was created.

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