People love to throw shade

People love to throw shade
July 10
09:48 2024

Last week we witnessed history. For the first time in the history of the NBA, a father-son duo is set to play together as teammates. With the 55th pick in the second round of this year’s NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Bronny James out of the University of Southern California.  

This move seemed inevitable due to LeBron James stating on multiple occasions about how much he would like to play with his son. When Bronny was not selected in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft, I think everyone knew the Lakers were going to take Bronny with their second-round pick. There were several rumors that Bronny’s agent, Rich Paul, told other teams if they selected Bronny, he would play next season in Australia. These are just rumors, but who knows.

Even if this was LeBron’s idea, the Lakers seem to be on board with the decision and are happy to be a part of history.  I also think this was a move to ensure LeBron will be back in a Laker’s uniform for the foreseeable future, especially since he can opt out of the last year of his contract this offseason.

“In the history of the NBA, there’s never been a father and a son that have shared an NBA basketball court and that feels like something that could be magical,” said Lakers Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Rob Pelinka. “We know, and have to respect of course, that Lebron has a decision on his opt-out … but if it worked out that he was on our team next season, NBA history could be made. And NBA history should be made in a Lakers uniform.”

It’s funny, as I was writing this article, an alert came across my phone that LeBron has opted out of his player option but plans on re-signing with the Lakers on a three-year deal. This all but secures history will be made in Los Angeles next season; that is, if Bronny can do his part by making the team.

As a sports fan, I am elated that I will be able to witness this history. As a father, it makes me feel proud of LeBron for doing everything he can to make his son’s dream come true. The funny part is, not everyone feels the same way, which to me I find weird.

The morning after the second round of the draft, I saw so many shows, social media posts and podcast clips saying how Bronny didn’t deserve to be picked, or saying LeBron used his influence unfairly and that Bronny took the draft spot of someone who deserved it. I could do nothing but laugh at all of the hate against that young man because nepotism has been a part of professional sports since their inception. Hell, it’s been a part of the business world since the beginning of time.

So, was it wrong for Jerry Jones to put three of his children in leadership positions with the front office of the Dallas Cowboys? I’m sure there were more qualified people for the job, so where was the outrage there? Was it wrong for George Steinbrenner to put his children in high-ranking positions with the New York Yankees? Was it wrong for Art Rooney to give his children positions with the Steelers? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Why is it OK for others to use their power and influence, but not for LeBron to do the same?

I am all for someone “earning” their position or role in a company. I know Bronny only averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game last year and people will say those stats say he is not ready for the league. They may be right, but we all know the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and with LeBron being the face of the NBA, his power goes a long way.

People act like this young man hasn’t overcome mountains to make it to this point. Yes, he is the son of an NBA legend, but let’s not forget he suffered cardiac arrest last July in Los Angeles during a workout. That medical issue would more than likely end the careers of most athletes; however, he returned to the court and played. To come back from that is even more impressive than getting drafted, in my opinion. I think we should all be happy for the kid and hope he has a long and successful career. And if he can’t play, he won’t stick around long.

I saw grown men with less than 10% of Bronny James’ talent talking down about him like he can’t play the game at all. Bronny did test well at the NBA combine, showing off his shooting and defensive ability. I just can’t understand why anyone would talk so negatively about Bronny, without taking into account what he has done and already proven.  

My hope is that this young man comes into the NBA and immediately carves out a role for himself in that Laker lineup. I want him to shut everyone up and prove he was worthy of his draft position. Only time will tell whether or not he is worth the pick, but I am just glad to see he gets to live out his dream. 

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