The league at W.R. Anderson is in full stride

Photos by Alphonso Abbott Jr.

The league at W.R. Anderson is in full stride
May 03
05:00 2018

“The League” at W.R. Anderson is midway through its season.  By all accounts things are going better than expected.  The teams seem to be separating themselves as they gear up for a playoff run in a couple of weeks.

Steve Nivens, league commissioner, said the first week was “a little rocky” as the teams felt one another out.  He says some of the new teams were not prepared for the level of competition the league had to offer on a night in, night out basis.

“A couple of the new teams had to adjust to the atmosphere, but I think they have adjusted pretty well,” said Nivens.  “The competition level has picked up once they had the chance to see what they would be facing every night, but it’s very exciting and I love it.”

Nivens says early on there were a number of blowout games, but since then most of the games have been tightly contested.  He says the goal of the league is to bring the best quality basketball to the fans.

This is the third week of play in the league and Nivens stated no team has risen to the top as the very best.  He says there are about four teams right now that are fighting for the Number One seed heading into the playoffs.

“I am still kind of shaky about who I would pick and it’s kind of like how the NBA playoffs is right now,” he continued.  “Everything is up for grabs and you don’t really know who is gonna win each night.”

“It’s about four or five teams that look pretty strong and they look like the cream of the crop,” he went on to say.

Nivens says even one of the newer teams in the league has surprised him by how well they have played thus far in the league.  He says he is familiar with many of the players and knows they all play for bragging rights.

In last Tuesday’s action on April 24, Team Truth matched up against Ball Don’t Lie.  Even while playing shorthanded with only four players, Team Truth took it to their opponents winning by the score of 76-50. 

Also on the court April 24 was Bad Hombres and Dem Boyz.  This was a hard-nosed battle between two strong teams.  After the dust settled, Dem Boyz squeaked out a 68-61 victory over Bad Hombres.

The second game of the night featured Block Boyz and Finesse Game.  Both teams shot the ball very well all game.  In the end Block Boyz had too much for Finesse Game, winning by the score of 68-59.

There are two more weeks until the playoffs start.  With only 10 spots available for the playoffs the teams at the bottom must pick it up to finish the year. 

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