Learn to play the popular sport of pickleball at Crystal Towers event

Learn to play the popular sport of pickleball at Crystal Towers event
October 12
14:05 2022

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in America. It has been very popular with older adults and now it has spread to the younger crowd who are enjoying the game as well.

There has been a pickleball court at Crystal Towers for several years and tomorrow the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem, along with the Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks Department, will host a pickleball event there from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. These are the first dedicated pickleball courts in the city and their goal is to make the public more aware of the courts at Crystal Towers, as well as to expose more people to the game of pickleball. There will also be instructors there to show people how to play the game.

“It’s just a community day where we are trying to network and get the citizens involved and aware to let them know those courts are there and open to the public, not just the residents of Crystal Towers,” said Katie Thomas of the Recreation and Parks Department. “It’s going to be from nine to noon and we will have contracted instructors there, so they will be there to provide proper instruction and they will provide the equipment. So, you can just come empty-handed.

“Sign-up will take place the day of, so we will do 15-minute increments of play time on the court and it’s really just instructional.”

Pickleball is like a marriage of traditional tennis and ping-pong, which is one of the biggest reasons it has become so popular with the older population. You get some of the cardiovascular work as with traditional tennis, but it’s a lot easier on the knees and joints because it’s less area to cover and there are paddles instead of rackets.

“There is not as much physical activity that is required as with tennis because the court is a little bit smaller, but it is a little bit more than table tennis/ping-pong,” she said. “So, you are still being active, and you are still getting your heart rate up. It’s something fun to do outdoors. 

“It is getting pretty popular with the retired community, but you’re also seeing a lot of younger adults get out there.  We have a couple other courts around the city that have pickleball lines painted on them and at any given time you drive around and at those courts you will see some younger adults as well.”

Thomas stated they are in the early planning phases of having more pickleball courts around the city and even plans to have leagues as well because of the high demand. Pickleball is also one of the Senior Games most popular competitive events.

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