Let’s Talk Religion: Church is not a fashion show like it used to be

Let’s Talk Religion: Church is not a fashion show like it used to be
February 07
09:03 2020

Everyone knows what your “Sunday Best” means. Ever since I was a child, it was what you put on before heading off to the church on Sunday mornings.  

Over the past few years, I have seen a shift in the dress code for many churches I have visited. It has become slightly more relaxed, or even done away with in many church congregations. Not all churches, however, are following this new wave.

When I was younger, everyone from the infant child to the church elder was dressed to the nines in their best outfits on Sunday mornings. It was sort of a fashion show every week, but now many churches have relaxed their standards of this tradition.

I have been in several churches that have shifted to a more toned-down dress code. I have even been to a few where jeans and button up shirts are the norm. I think this is in an effort to attract more of the younger generation to come to the church.

We have all heard some one say “come as you are” when referencing how one should dress when they come to church. Even though the Bible does not specifically use those words, we all know what it means.  

I personally like the more laid-back atmosphere that many of these churches are implementing. I think it takes away some of the pressure some people feel. I know for a fact that some people don’t attend service because they don’t have the proper clothing they feel they need. I have also overheard conversations about what people are wearing that could also turn people off from attending. With a more relaxed dress code, people will feel more comfortable, because they look and dress like everyone else.

We all know some people in the church can be judgmental about the attire certain people wear in the church. I think if wearing jeans and sneakers is normal, people won’t feel compelled to not attend because they don’t have the proper attire.

I spoke with a young pastor in the area about the subject when I visited his church a while back. He stated that he wanted his congregation to feel comfortable when they come to worship. He also said he didn’t want people to feel like they could not come if they did not have a “church dress” or a suit and tie. He closed by saying he knew the young people like to come with jeans, khakis, a button-up or polo shirt, so why should he try and change what they normally wear?

Those statements really resonated with me, because I see that this young pastor really gets it. I am a firm believer in change. Change in inevitable, so why are so many of us trying to hold onto the past with such a firm grasp, instead of embracing the new norm? I am not saying there is anything wrong with dressing up by any means, but some people don’t have the means to afford that type of clothing, but almost everyone has jeans and a polo shirt.

My hope is that more churches adopt a more relaxed environment, because I don’t think the Lord is really concerned about whether we have on jeans or slacks. I think He is more concerned about our dedication to him and living more like He did. At least I hope so.

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