Letters to the Editor: Denouncing attacks on innocents

Letters to the Editor: Denouncing attacks on innocents
June 01
02:59 2017

Giving gratitude for The Chronicle’s Real News

To the Editor:

The Chronicle has been an appreciated asset during my 60 years in this “Honorary Home Town” of Winston-Salem.  My subscription ran out just as I was realizing that I need to move to Raleigh, where I have five adult households: three children and two grandchildren – and their spouses.  

The only explanation of why it has taken me so long to join them is that leaving Winston-Salem is HARD! 

Thank you also, for awarding me the honor of Lifetime Achievement at your annual dinner several years ago.  I don’t claim to have deserved it, but I truly appreciated the recognition of the collaborative services in which I’d been involved – with Green Street Church, the YWCA, CHANGE, etc.  

As I commented then, “I ain’t dead yet!,” so in this anticipated “Second Childhood” in Wake County, I count on finding advocacy efforts to embrace.

Blessings on your continuing service.

Ellen S. Yarborough, Raleigh

Stop using the innocent to hide barbaric, inhuman behavior

To the Editor:

When will innocent people stop being used by the pea-brained advocates of religious intolerance to hide barbaric inhuman behavior?

The most recent incident in Manchester, England, where these so-called religious advocates targeted children attending a concert, is simply barbaric, uncivilized behavior committed by criminals.

It reminds me of Timothy McVeigh’s barbaric attack on innocent children in Oklahoma.

The capture of innocent female students in Nigeria who were partially released back to their families is another appalling example. Those first-graders and other primary school age children murdered in school in Connecticut still shatters my soul.

So many innocent children having their lives cut short by barbaric behavior should be declared a crime against humanity and prosecuted with the same vigor and resolve as previous incidents in history.

When will the innocent stop being used as tools of insane criminal minded people? When humanity declares with one voice that barbaric behavior is uncivilized and treats these advocates as criminals without the cloak of religion or political covers to hide under.

Fleming El-Amin, Winston-Salem

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