Letters to the Editor: Welcoming City and Citizens United

Letters to the Editor: Welcoming City and Citizens United
April 20
09:00 2017

A welcoming city is not welcome to Republicans

To the Editor:

The March 30 article in a local paper (“Krawiec: Welcome mat idea ‘unwise’”) detailed a Raleigh meeting of the Winston-Salem City Council with the Forsyth County legislative delegation to seek counsel of the legislators concerning a resolution identifying Winston-Salem as a welcoming community for all people, including immigrants and refugees.

The Republicans present at the meeting included Reps. Donny Lambeth, Debra Conrad, Julia Howard and Sen. Joyce Krawiec. As expected, the Republicans opposed the resolution, because it may be interpreted as a move toward becoming a sanctuary city, which is against federal and state law.

The resolution is a resolution; nothing more.

I have two reactions. First I am in sympathy with our City Council, because its members do not want to anger the Republican majority. Heaven only knows what the punishment might be, considering this legislature’s attempt to commandeer the airport from Charlotte as well as Asheville’s water supply.

My second reaction was to wonder why we should trust their counsel, because all of the Republicans present have voted lockstep with the regressive legislation of the Republican-controlled legislature. For instance, all of the Republicans in attendance voted for HB 2.

Conrad voted for the suppressive voter ID law, and Lambeth and Howard were sponsors of the bill even though they did not vote, be it by absence or regret.

These two bills became law and were monstrosities similar to the great majority of legislation we have experienced since 2010. Asking for their counsel would be like asking Bernie Madoff for financial advice.

Anne Griffis Wilson 


Help us get ballot measure on corporations as people

To the Editor: 

Over the past several years it has become apparent to me that this nation’s people centered, democratic, republic has become eroded to the point of no longer functioning as, of and for the people.

I am sure you will agree that the fundamental and foundational rights of people have been usurped by special interests, corporations and those who have enough money to make their “speech” heard over the rest.

In North Carolina, there is a coalition of individuals, community groups, and organizations working to correct this imbalance.

This coalition is working with the State legislature to get a ballot measure on the 2018 ballot that would ask the people of this state what they think.

1. Should artificial entities such as corporations have constitutional rights of personhood? and 2. Should money be considered speech and be protected as speech under the First Amendment? Here is how you can get involved:

A. Sign the petition at

B. Send persuasive emails to your legislators. C. Attend press conferences.

D. Recruit a favorite nonprofit organization to become a co-sponsor with the current 18 sponsoring groups in our coalition.

Diana Kruk

Candler, N.C. 

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