Local artist signs record label deal

Local artist Yung Rackz recently signed a marketing and distribution deal with record company.

Local artist signs record label deal
July 15
13:34 2020

Winston-Salem has a lot of untapped talent when it comes to hip-hop. Whether it be producing, rapping or even directing, the talent pool is unmistakable. Davon Moore Jr., also known as Yung Rackz, is one of the local artists who is looking to make a name for himself not only in the city, but also nationwide.

Yung Rackz is a native of Winston-Salem and recently signed a marketing and distribution deal with Bentley Records. He has released two studio albums, “Prophet of the Streets” and “By All Means.”  His third project was just released today entitled “Trapademic” and he is hoping that his new deal will allow his music to reach more listeners.

“It is definitely something that I thought could help me and that’s why I did it,” said Rackz about signing with Bentley Records. “It wasn’t like I was giving my rights away or anything, it really was just about helping me get my music out to a bigger audience.  

“They are distributing it worldwide now, so the music that I release will be going to different countries. This is definitely a good opportunity; I am just trying to make the best out of it.”

Yung Rackz said he was inspired to get into the music business by his father, Davon Moore Sr. Moore Sr., who would take Jr. to the studio with him.

“He would go into the studio and had me engineering at first and making beats, but I really didn’t like the artists’ music we were recording, so I just ended up writing my own music and getting into the studio myself and started rapping,” Rackz said about his introduction to the music game.

“I have just been networking with other people in the industry and my album next week is going to be hosted by Jadakiss.”

Rackz has a digital billboard on Hwy. 52 N., right next to the Liberty street exit. That is another way he is attempting to get his music out to the city.

Throughout his journey, Rackz said he has been inspired by artists such as Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Master P, Jay-Z and Future. He already owns his own record label Team Rackz Entertainment, so he has the entrepreneurial aspect of the game in hand.

With all of the local talent in the area, Yung Rackz suggests for artists who want to expand their brand, they need to get outside the Winston-Salem area for others to hear their music.

“The music industry is bigger than Winston-Salem,” he said. “You can’t just limit yourself to just Winston-Salem, because there is a lot going on out there.”

Rackz spoke fondly about his first two albums and thinks this new project shows how he has grown as an artist over time.

“One of them has no features on it and it’s just more about getting to know me and my life, versus the other one is about what’s going on with the times now,” he said about his album.  

Some of the short-term goals for Rackz is to have the opportunity to discover other artists and give them their shot in the industry, along with having millions of dollars in the bank, he said. He also said if he could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, it would be with Michael Jackson.

For more information on Yung Rackz, please visit his Instagram or Twitter page @Yung_Rackz.

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